Ellsbury Out; What’s Next for the Red Sox

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

Ellsbury signed a huge seven-year, 153 million dollar deal with the rival New York Yankees and it has Boston fans reacting in all different kinds of ways. My opinion on the matter is the life of a professional ball player of any kind is short, so to each his own.

I like Ellsbury as a player, but reports came out that the Red Sox offered six-years for 120 million and I think that would have been too much. As far as how I view Jacoby Ellsbury, I think he went where the money was and that shows a little something about his character, but it was something that we all knew after all. Any player who hires Scott Boras as an agent has one thing in mind and it’s to get paid.

Looking forward though, the Red Sox are going to want to have some insurance for, the obvious step-in for Ellsbury, Jackie Bradley Jr. in Bradley’s 36 games played last season, he hit for just a .189 average and had an on-base percentage of just .280. These numbers aren’t pretty and there will definitely be some growing pains, but we’re coming to the years where the Red Sox are going to have to see what they have in the minor league.

The world-wide leader is reporting today that a source within the Red Sox organization hasn’t ruled out Curtis Granderson as a replacement for Jacoby Ellsbury. Granderson is a good clubhouse guy and fits that mold of what the Red Sox did last offseason. Signing slightly older plahyers that were coming off down years.

Granderson suffered two freakish injuries where he was hit by pitches that limited him to playing just 61 games this past season. Since 2006, Granderson has played in 136 games every season besides last season. He’s durable and he’s not too bad.

Of course it makes sense to look toward the Yankee organization because it seems like they are spending money so rapidly in free agency that they will run out of money for their own guys. Robinson Cano hasn’t been signed yet, but you have to think that a deal is imminent. That leaves Granderson without a home. Granderson is coming off an injury and he is lefty, which means Bradley and Granderson are both lefty.

Photo courtesy of Draftstreet.com

Photo courtesy of Draftstreet.com

Granderson has a career .261 average and an on-base percentage of .340. In 2011 and 2012, he hit for power with 41 and 43 homeruns in those two seasons. Adding Granderson would add another legit left-handed bat to the Red Sox and would fill the void left by Ellsbury’s departure.

The thing about signing Granderson is, if you bring him in, he’s going to likely warrant starter-type money, which means you’re not playing Jackie Bradley Jr. Multiple teams are in on him and he’s not going to come here for fill in money and realistically all it may take to lose out on Granderson is another club offering him a guaranteed fourth year.

The Red Sox have been hesitant to hand out contracts longer than three years recently and a team like the New York Mets have been pushing for Granderson hard. He’s a good idea, but not at four years and with that I agree with the team, but I do think there is a little something to finding someone to cover their ass if Bradley struggles.

Josh Brown


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