Bruins Fall to Second Place; Johnny Boychuck Update

Photo courtesy of Brian Babineau-Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Brian Babineau-Getty Images

The Bruins lost the second period, and the game, last night against the Montreal Canadiens as Montreal surpasses the Bruins to take first place in the Atlantic division. This last win makes it nine straight games without a loss for the Canadiens over the Bruins as they have gone 8-0-1 in the past nine.

Tuukka Rask hasn’t had the best of luck against the Canadiens as he’s gone just 2-9-2 in 13 career games against the Canadiens while his counterpart on the other side, Carey Price made 32 saves in 33 shots to get his team the win and improve his career record against the Bruins to 17-8-3.

“It would be nice to win, obviously,” Said the Bruins goalie. “I’ve played some bad games against these guys and I’ve played some good games, just not good enough to win. It doesn’t matter. I want to win every game; it’s just my record doesn’t show how things are against Montreal.”

As for the inconsistency of the Bruins, who outplayed the Canadiens for a good portion of the first and third period, Rask stated “It’s weird how we do it sometimes, turning it on and off like that.” It’s a problem of consistency for this team and once they figure that out, they will be hard to beat in a seven game series.

Coach Claude Julien has a good understanding of what it takes to win in the playoffs: “The second period was atrocious,” Coach Julien said. “It was unacceptable. There are no excuses about playing with five defensemen. We have to look in the mirror.”

Photo courtesy of Jean-Yves Ahern-USA Today Sports

Photo courtesy of Jean-Yves Ahern-USA Today Sports

Perhaps the bigger concern was the status of Johnny Boychuck, who received an ugly hit into the boards by Max Pacioretti. Pacioretti was in no mood to celebrate after his second period shot turned out to be the game winner. Boychuck was on his mind in the interview:”It wasn’t really a strong game for me,” Pacioretti said. “I got the life sucked out of me when that injury happened. I just felt awful.”

As for Johnny Boychuck, he was cleared to fly back home with the team. Bruins reporter Joe Haggerty confirmed a little bit ago that Boychuck suffered a lower-back injury and will have an MRI today to diagnose the issue. The fact that Boychuck was cleared to fly is a good thing. It means there’s most likely no internal bleeding and his lungs weren’t punctured.

The Bruins will have to rebound quickly, as they come home for a game Saturday against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Josh Brown


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