Johnny Boychuck; Strained Lower Back

Photo courtesy of Jim Rogash-Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Jim Rogash-Getty Images

After getting a nasty hit into the boards in the Bruins last game at Montreal, defensemen Johnny Boychuck had an MRI yesterday and the results are in. Boychuck has suffered a strained back and will be out 3-7 days according to GM Peter Chiarelli.

Hockey players are as tough as it gets because it looked like Boychuck could possibly be done for a few months being carried off on a stretcher, but instead it’s just a few days.

It’s not all good news though as the Bruins are already missing Adam McQuaid and this next week is packed with games. The Bruins will go against the Penguins at home tonight, then set out on a roads trip against the Maple Leafs, Flames, Oilers and finally the Canucks.

“You never like to see a stretcher come out, but I got some information on the bench that it was his back and it was basically locked up and they thought it was part of that,” said Julien.

“At the same time, and I’m just being honest, I looked at the hit and looked it over and the hit doesn’t indicate the severity of the injury. Sometimes it’s more about how you go into the boards and maybe a little bit of an awkward position and again, if you’re going to preach for one side you have to be honest and preach on the other side too and say that it was a two-minute penalty; and I said that last night.”

“That’s all it was, an unfortunate injury. But at the same time, if we start complaining about every little thing, we might as well take the hitting out of our game. So I think more than anything else, it was the awkwardness of how he went into the boards.”

They are going to miss Boychuck’s presence and you may even see a new face in the Bruins lineup within the next week to fill the gap. The Bruins take on the Penguins tonight at 7:00.

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