Ellsbury Takes Out Ad Thanking Sox Fans

photo courtesy of ESPN

photo courtesy of ESPN

Jacoby Ellsbury will be introduced as a member of the Yankees today, but that’s not all he has been up to. Ellsbury used some of the money from his seven year 153 million dollar contract with the Yankees to take a full-page ad out in the Boston Globe thanking the Boston Red Sox fans.

Ellsbury went where the money was, as the Yankees also offered a team option for an eighth year. If that option is exercised, the contract would be worth 169 million dollars over an eight year period. That would bring Ellsbury to the advanced baseball age of 38 and likely to his last contract as a major leaguer.

I want so badly to hate the ad, but I really don’t. Ellsbury didn’t owe Boston anything and had every right to test free agency. Boston didn’t offer the same kind of cash that New York did so he decided to go there. The ad is just a nice gesture by a guy that obviously doesn’t want to be booed when he makes the many trips to Boston.

Ellsbury contributed greatly to a World Series winning team last season and those are the kind of things that should be remembered. He didn’t leave in a sneaky way. He didn’t complain about not getting offered more by the Red Sox. He just did his job here and when it was over, he left.

Of course fans want the guys to stick it out and take less money to stay where they love, but that’s not how it works. It’s a short career as a professional athlete and now he gets to be on the bad guys side of the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry.

Josh Brown


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