Paille Suffering Concussion-like Symptoms


Credit: Stuart Cahill

Credit: Stuart Cahill

Daniel Paille was sent home to Boston in the middle of their most recent road trip with what was described as an upper body injury, but now seems like it’s a concussion.

The Bruins, who are already down quite a few players due to injury in Hamilton, McQuaid, Eriksson and Kelly and down another player due to suspension in Thornton will now have to rely on young players like Nick Johnson to carry the regular season load for a while.

“Dan has been evaluated. He came to us when we first got to Calgary and talked about not feeling well” Claude Julien said. “Once he got evaluated by our trainers it looked like concussion symptoms. So we sent him home to be evaluated by our doctors with what he’s had. It was an unfortunate thing that we found out in the last minute, so we scrambled to get a player out.

There is yet to be a time-table established for Paille’s return, but the Bruins sure could use him, as they have four games in seven days starting tomorrow. Julien knows that the Bruins oculd use him in the short-term, but still was looking out for the long-term interest of Paille: “The first thing we did, though, is send him home to get taken care of.”

Paille has five points in the 30 games he’s played so far this season, with three goals and two assists. The Bruins will take on the Flames for the second time in seven days on Tuesday.

Josh Brown


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