The Bruins Shouldn’t Trade Marchand


credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin - US Presswire

credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin – US Presswire

It seems like Bruins forward Brad Marchand has been in the media a lot lately and not for good reason, but the Bruins and Marchand got good news today as he won’t be disciplined by the league for his hit on Sean Monahan.

This comes on the heels of Marchand taunting the Canucks in Vancouver and getting publicity from that, Bruins insider Joe Haggerty said that the Bruins may be tiring of Marchands antics. Marchand hasn’t been playing his best hockey this season, but I look at him being a pest as something that’s useful in certain situations.

Marchand can get under opposing players skin like no one else and often times it has led to a dumb penalty being committed by those players. Frustration that Marchand causes,  in such a physical game as the NHL, has benefitted the Bruins numerous times, but has also hurt with him getting time in the box.

 “He’s a good player, he’s an agitator, there’s some good things to that part of his game, but there’s certain areas where, I’ve said it before, you can’t cross the line.” Said Bruins coach Claude Julien to the media after the Canucks incident. “Sometimes his emotions get the better of him. I mean, we’ve worked with him and we’ll continue to work with him. The perception that it gives our organization is not what you want to see with those kinds of things. I don’t know what he said to you guys, but it’s certainly something that we’re going to deal with. He’s too good of a player. We don’t want him to be a different player, but there’s certain things we want him to be different at. From what I hear what happened, that’s definitely not something we’ll accept in our organization.”

Only problem is he’s not a great player right now. Marchand has just 14 points in 34 games, but still is a plus-seven. Marchand needs to get out of this funk and I believe he will. Marchand has had months of slow play throughout his entire career having just five points in some months, but he makes up for it on other months where he has 14, or 15 points.

“I don’t want us to start thinking that everything Brad does is bad.” Julien said after the Bruins defeated the Calgary Flames: “It’s a two-minute penalty like a lot of other two minutes. Not any worse than all the high sticks our guys took to the face tonight. So he took the two minutes, went to the box and served it.”

No one knows more than the Bruins and Marchand what the ultimate goal is and that is to win games in May and June. I’ve been hearing spectators saying to trade Marchand, not to mention Haggs’ comments and I think it’s silly to give up on him at this point.

Marchand is going to go on a point-spree at some point and I want him wearing black and gold when he does. Until then, enjoy the fact that he’s not just out there skating aimlessly, but is actually doing things to try and win. Like Julien said, not everything Marchand does is bad and his game has good points, especially when he’s on your team.

Josh Brown


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