Omer Asik Not Worth the Asking Price for the Celtics

Photo Courtesy of Russ Isabella/USA Today

Photo Courtesy of Russ Isabella/USA Today

The trade rumors have been going nonstop over the last week about the possibility of disgruntled Houston center Omer Asik coming to the Boston Celtics. Asik isn’t happy playing behind Dwight Howard in Houston and has been demanding a trade from the Rockets since July. Omer Asik wouldn’t be a bad acquisition for the Celtics, but the real problem is what Houston wants in return for him.

The Rockets are currently looking for a player that can play either small or power forward that has great perimeter shooting. They are also looking to add a first round draft pick along with that player. According to a report from ESPN’s Mark Stein, the Celtics are the biggest candidate to land the 7-footer from Turkey. One of the rumors was that the Celtics were possibly going to part ways with Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and one of their many first round picks for Asik. That rumored trade is not something that would benefit the Celtics because both Bass and Green are having arguably the best seasons of their career.


The involvement of Brandon Bass has started to die down, but Jeff Green’s name continues to be the main focal point for the Rockets. This would be a horrible decision to part ways with Jeff Green because he has been the Celtics’ leading scorer and he is only going to improve once Rajon Rondo returns to the lineup. Since it’s just been Jeff Green’s name that could possibly be involved in any trades, other teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and the Cleveland Cavaliers want to take part in a 3-team trade just to land Jeff Green.


The Rockets on the other hand want a commodity from both the 76ers and the Cavaliers. The Rockets have been wanted Philadelphia’s Thaddeus Young for quite some time. From Cleveland, the Rockets are interested in replacing Asik with another center and Anderson Varejao would be that guy. Plus, they still want a first round pick, which none of these rebuilding teams are willing to give up.


The Rockets’ demands are way too high for the Celtics and any other team in order to land Omer Asik. But you’re the Rockets ask yourself this. Do you really want a disgruntled center on your team that is built to win a championship? The Celtics are certainly on the right track to remaining as a playoff contender and giving in to Houston’s demands would be a huge mistake. On a side note, Asik is due $5 million this season and $15 million next season. It would just be a bad contract for the Celtics to handle where Asik is just half of the player that Jeff Green and Brandon Bass are. I think Vitor Faverani hasn’t been quite fully adjusted to the NBA level after spending so many years in Spain and Brazil, but he is showing improvements every day and it will feel like we already have a player similar to Omer Asik already once he is in full swing.


I like this Celtics team the way they are right now and they are only going to get better as the season progresses. There’s no need to pull the trigger on any trades at this point in the season and they are nowhere near in panic mode where they have to made a trade just because they have to.


Houston plans on trading Omer Asik at least somewhere before the end of the week and they may have to settle for a deal lower than they had originally wanted to. The Celtics have always been the centerpiece for trade rumors for many years and I just want to stay focused on the great team that we have going forward without a ridiculous trading rumor in the way. This Celtics team is just fine with or without Omer Asik.


Joe Chancler


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