Bruins Call Up Svedberg From AHL



The Boston Bruins have announced Friday that they have recalled goalie Niklas Svedberg from the AHL. Svedberg played in 20 games for the Providence Bruins this season and had a 2.91 goals against and went 11-5-3 with a .907 average.

The Bruins already have two goalies in Boston in the backup Chad Johnson and starter Tuukka Rask, but they opt to bring in Svedberg for a third option. It’s obvious that the Bruins seem to think they have something in Svedberg and they want to see it at the NHL level.

Chad Johnson was brought in on a one-year deal this offseason to be a bridge player while Svedberg marinated in the AHL. Johnson has started the same number of times this season as he has in his previous three seasons combined and the more experience he gets, the more leverage he’ll have to sign a decent deal elsewhere.

Johnson is 6-2 on the season with a .911 save percentage and 2.40 goals against and has probably shown some club he can be a serviceable goalie in the league. Coming off his biggest disappointment in net on his last start, he’ll have to show he can remain consistent and not fall apart the next time out.

I think that Johnson is unlikely to be back in Boston next season, but if the Bruins can get him for cheap with an extension, then it would benefit them. Johnson lacks experience for sure, but he is 6-2 at the NHL level and usually gives the Bruins what they need while Tuukka rests. You don’t know if you have that yet in Svedberg.

That being said, if Svedberg plays, and plays well in the NHL, I think Johnson will be out at the end of the season. The Bruins are undoubtedly trying to see what they have in the 24 year-old Svedberg.

Josh Brown


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