Ainge: ‘D-League Was Rondo’s Idea’



It seems like the Celtics star point guard has been in the media quite a bit lately after trade rumors, Rondo saying he wouldn’t be ready until February possibly and the news breaking that Rajon Rondo was cleared for five-on-five drills. Now, Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge has come out today and said Rondo is all for getting back on the court, even if it means with the Maine Red Claws in the D-League.

“He’s anxious to practice and to play. It was his idea, actually, to go practice with the Red Claws and possibly play with Maine Red Claws at some point. But those are still in discussion. I’m not sure when he would do that, but that’s probably the next step.”

Rondo has his doubters, but what’s the bad you can say here? The guy has made it clear that he wants to be back on the court with a less than stellar cast of teammates. Rondo has always been looked at as the little brother of Pierce and Garnett, but maybe with the Celtics being his team, fans can start to see the prime time TV performances of Rondo more regularly.

“Without question,” Pierce said when asked about Rondo becoming the leader of the Boston Celtics. “I’ve already talked to Rajon; Rajon’s mature.” Those were the words from the Celtics former captain and a man that loves this team and this city. Pierce was one of the great Celtics leaders. Pierce was also on his way out when he made those comments so it would have been easy to take a shot at Rondo.

Ainge stated that he plans to have Rondo travel with the team on their upcoming road trip, which may suggest that a trip to Maine wouldn’t be forthcoming until after January 11.

The way the NBA works, they have very little practice time and so it makes coming back from an injury and gaining stamina that much harder. There isn’t so many games that you can work your way in like baseball, but there also isn’t a full week of practice like football so the NBA is somewhere in the middle.

Rondo wants to play and practice with the Maine Red Claws because it gives him an opportunity to come back to the NBA and immediately contribute. Sounds like a leader to me.

Josh Brown


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