Jeff Green & Brandon Bass Move On From Verbal Altercation

Photo Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

Photo Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

Many reporters have made a huge deal over an incident that occurred on the sidelines during the Celtics’ 92-91 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday afternoon. The incident came after both Jeff Green and Brandon Bass were benched late in the 3rd quarter because they were struggling most of the game. Jeff Green was pulled first from the game, then Brandon Bass came shortly after. Jeff Green never sat down when Brad Stevens pulled him from the game, but as soon as Brandon Bass sat down on the bench is where the two players got into a heated exchange. Don’t take this as another episode from The Real World to all Celtics fans, it was just a simple disagreement from the two players and it appears that everybody has moved on from the argument.

“It was a miscommunication, that’s all,” said Jeff Green. “We both want to win, and we get frustrated with the process. It wasn’t anything big and like on any team you’re going to bump heads. Don’t read too much into that.”


That is about of a clear cut answer you are going to get out of Jeff Green about the whole incident and Brandon Bass downplayed the whole thing as well.


“It wasn’t a big deal, a small thing,” said Brandon Bass. “It happens. It’s happened plenty of times to everybody, all the time. But it wasn’t a big thing, that was an easy thing to correct.”


Head coach Brad Stevens was asked about the argument and he expects them to move on from it. But it doesn’t look like that it will drag on for a long period of time.


“I didn’t lose sleep over it,” said Brad Stevens. “Anybody who has been on a team knows that those things happen. I would be concerned if it didn’t involve two good people. Jeff Green is a great person. Brandon Bass is a great person. Both of them acknowledged that it was a little thing and they’ve moved on. We have good people in this locker room and I have no concerns with people being able to move on to the next day.”


For the tanking fans that still exist out there, this is pure evidence that this team has absolutely no desire to tank. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen two guys arguing on how to keep this team on the winning track. When it comes to a team that is on the fast track to a winning record or a team that struggles to get a win, it is very common to see teammates jawing at each other. The only thing that would matter is if both Green and Bass were holding grudges against each other and this will not be the case thankfully. In the end, this team has great chemistry and it will be that difference maker to how the rest of the season will play out.


Joe Chancler


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  1. Good points Joe! Perhaps the more telling sign is this is the second time Stevens has benched Green.

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