Marshon Brooks Sent To The D-League

Photo Courtesy of Glenn Osmundson/The Providence Journal

Photo Courtesy of Glenn Osmundson/The Providence Journal

It hasn’t been the season that Marshon Brooks had hoped for when he was traded to the Celtics from the Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics have had a logjam at the shooting guard position even before the season had started and Brooks got the raw end of the deal with the lack of minutes he has played this season. Unfortunately, it was de javu all over again for Brooks as he is riding the bench again like he did in Brooklyn. Brooks has only played 61 minutes in his 9 games played this season and many would wonder if the lack of playing time would hinder his mental and physical growth as a player.

The Celtics have decided to send Marshon Brooks to their D-League affiliate the Maine Red Claws. Brad Stevens has urged Brooks many times to remain patient and his time will come. Brooks is only 24 years old and in his 3rd year in the NBA, so there will be many opportunities for prove himself worthy on the Celtics. Both parties of the Celtics and Marshon Brooks agree that this will be a great opportunity for himself to get his confidence and his skills up to his highest potential with more playing time up in Maine. The whole purpose of his assignment in Maine is to also improve on his conditioning on top of his confidence on the floor.


“It’s a good opportunity to do that and he’s going to get to play a lot of minutes,” said coach Brad Stevens on the assignment. “The D-League with the right attitude can help players develop. He’ll be back soon, I’m sure.”


Marshon Brooks has been keeping it professional all season despite he wishes that he could get more minutes on a regular basis on Brad Stevens’ rotation. Brooks has been approached by the media on the subject of asking for a trade because all he is doing is sitting on the bench.


“It’s too early for that,” said Marshon Brooks. “It’s way too early for that. I trust Brad Stevens. He told me that I’m going to get my opportunity.”


Marshon Brooks is a very gifted offensive player that the Celtics could really use regularly and he will get his opportunity with the Celtics in the near future. During pregame warmups, Brooks plays one-on-one with assistant coach Walter McCarty regularly and he usually looks like that he is ready to make an impact once he checks into the lineup. It is unknown when will return to the Celtics, but we can expect a more confident and improved Marshon Brooks.


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