Should Remy Call it a Career?

Photo credit: CBS Boston

Photo credit: CBS Boston

Boston sports fans fall in love with their home-town announcers. My personal favorite was Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti calling Patriots games, but a lot of fans have rallied around long time Red Sox announcer, and local restaurant owner, Jerry Remy.

Remy grew up a local kid in Fall River and played on the Boston Red Sox as an all-star second baseman. He’s funny and witty, but he hasn’t been in the broadcasting booth since August 15th, the night his son was charged with murder. Since that time, Remy has been out of sight and out of mind until now.

The sensitivity of this situation can’t be stressed enough, overplayed or outdone. It is a tragedy that left a little girl without a mother and has one family watching as their son likely goes to prison, while the other family had to bury the victim. It’s real life, not baseball.

NESN extended an offer to bring back Jerry Remy next season, but no one knows what Remy’s final decision will be. Remy started calling Red Sox games in 1988 and has been paired with partner Don Orsillo since 2001. With Orsillo making an impact nationally, it seems like the time is calling for him to move on to a more national audience and that has fans wanting to hear Remy’s voice for a glimmer of normalcy.

For fans it’s a comfort thing. It’s an entertainment thing. But for Remy, it’s his livelihood and his life on parade. He’s remained silent, but one can only imagine the things he’s going through personally and professionally seeing what’s being written out there. Here’s my wish and it’s that Remy calls it a career.

Are we all dying for that awkward moment when allegations come out when the trial starts during the summer and Remy has to try and be his corky self in the booth? Being hard is not a reason to quit because things will always get hard, but this is on another level of hard.

As Orsillo is gaining popularity from his TBS broadcasts, the answer may be him to sit in the beloved Jerry Remy’s chair. If Orsillo leaves, then they can both go out together as one of the best Boston Red Sox announcing crews of all time, just as Gino Cappelletti and Gil Santos did for the Patriots.

Jerry Remy just turned 61 on November 8th and as the fans tweets so richly prove, he’ll go out on top. He should do fill-ins or do a weekly Jerry Remy show on NESN at the most. Run the restaurant, but not subject himself to the awkwardness that is the situation Jerry finds himself in. It’s hard, it sucks, but it’s true.

Josh Brown


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