Deion Branch Will Be a Nonfactor

Credit: Jim Davis - Boston Globe Staff

Credit: Jim Davis – Boston Globe Staff

The Indianapolis Colts won on Saturday night and the San Diego Chargers won on Sunday in the AFC Wild Card round. The Patriots, as the number two seed, will be matched up against the higher of the two remaining seeds meaning the Patriots will host the 11-5 Colts in Foxboro.

Some news broke today that the Indianapolis Colts have signed former Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch. Branch will reportedly make 23,000 dollars for this upcoming week’s game. Here’s some thoughts:

I really don’t think he’ll have any impact on the game physically as he’s been out of the NFL the entire season. Branch is 34 years old (which is old for a wide receiver) and he looked shot last season with the Patriots. He also hasn’t caught more than 51 balls in a season since 2006 with the Seattle Seahawks.

As far as the mental aspect, people think he may be able to offer the Colts a bit of insight on this Patriots offense as he played in ten games for the Patriots last season. I say not so fast.

In what way is the 2012 Patriots offense the same as this year’s? The answer is not even a little bit. Try no Welker, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Woodhead, Brandon Lloyd or, the devil himself, Deion Branch.

Between all those aforementioned players, they caught 354 of Tom Brady’s 401 completions last season. That’s 88.3% of Brady’s total completions going to players that are no longer here.

It hasn’t always looked pretty It hasn’t always worked, but this Patriots offense is completely different from last season when Branch was here. Deion Branch gives the Indianapolis Colts nothing in either aspect of the game besides being another body that has made big catches in big moments. He will be nonfactor so stop overreacting.

Josh Brown


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