The NFL’s New Ideas Are Stupid

Credit: USA Today Sports

Credit: USA Today Sports

Roger Goodell sat down with members of the media on Tuesday night and revealed some discussions that the competition committee has had in possible changes to the NFL.

Firstly, Goodell stated that the possibility of two more teams entering the playoffs could be down the pike. The way this seems to work is there would be an additional wild card team from each conference (AFC, NFC). This, paired with changing the rules to have only one team in each conference with a bye-week, would mean that there would be a total of six games played on wild card weekend.

It’s dumb if you ask me. The way I see that working out is a big potential for average teams in the playoffs. In previous years, a significant number of teams that didn’t make it were 8-8, which is mediocre. When you expand the amount of teams in the playoffs, you’re discounting what each game means in the regular season.

Sure, there are decent 8-8 teams that have missed the playoffs, but the point is being better than decent. It’s what makes the playoffs in any sport great, it’s the best of the best. If you can’t manage a winning record then I don’t want to watch you in the playoffs.

Personally, I like the format and I don’t think it is broken, nor needs amending. Four teams with bye-weeks reward the two best in each conference for the regular season success. It makes all 17 weeks of the NFL season great and adding 8-8 teams means the regular season matters less, it just does.

Goodell also mentioned the idea of wild card weekend including games on Friday and Monday possibly. This would only happen if the playoffs expand to include seven teams per conference. My thought on limiting preparation goes with how I feel about Thursday night games. They suck because teams aren’t prepared as well and haven’t recovered from the previous week.

Extending NFL fans too much may prove costly for Goodell and the league. Fans have jobs on Friday and Monday and though it seems like a fantastic concept for Frank to get out of work and watch Friday and Monday night football, it’s just not that easy. Frank has kids and a wife. Frank woke up for work at 5:00 AM. Many things can get in the way of what’s supposed to be a relaxing weekend show.

Roger Goodell capped off the interview by reiterating his desire to have a team in London. Goodell has always been a fan of putting a team in London, me not so much. The idea of a franchise in L.A. was discussed as well. I’d be a fan of a franchise in L.A.

The problem with London is teams have to travel there and the team in London has to travel here. The quickest nonstop flight to London, from Boston, is a 6 hour and 45 minute flight. A flight from Boston to San Francisco is about six hours. California to London is over 10-11 hours. So I’m wondering what conference would London be in where it isn’t a clear disadvantage to them or the team traveling to them?

It just doesn’t seem practical in any way as players are drafted from colleges in the United States and probably want to live and play here. I don’t mind one or two games played there throughout the course of the regular season, but a franchise there is a bad idea.

I know it seems like I’m negative, but all these ideas are just not good (except for L.A) and I’m a fan of making things better, not worse. None of these ideas make the game any better in my opinion. State yours in the comments section.

Josh Brown

for the full quotes from ESPN, click this.


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