No Numbers Behind Sporting News’ QB Rankings

Don't worry Tom, we don't get it either. Credit: Stew Milne-USA Today Sports

Don’t worry Tom, we don’t get it either. Credit: Stew Milne-USA Today Sports

With the Divisional round in the playoffs getting set to kick off in a few days, Sporting News has ranked the remaining eight quarterbacks still left in playoff contention. Tom Brady was ranked eighth out of eight in a group of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Phillip Rivers and Andrew Luck.

People are entitled to their opinions, as I have showcased my moronic tendencies at multiple points while writing, but here’s where I have the problem: When ranking quarterbacks remaining in the PLAYOFFS, you may want to take into account the playoffs.

Brady has won 17 of 24 in playoff games while everyone else added together has won 24. Brady is 17-7 in post season games, which equates to a winning percentage of 70%. The best quarterback by winning percentage is Colin Kaepernick, with 75% in just four career post season games. Drew Brees followed Kaepernick and Brady with a 60% winning percentage in ten games. Luck, Wilson and Rivers all have gone 50% and Cam Newton has yet to play his first playoff game. Manning wins 45% of the time in the playoffs as he’s gone 9-11.

So, I’m just wondering what they are going off of when they are ranking the best quarterbacks left in the playoffs because, off of sheer numbers, Brady would be second best. Besides Manning and Brees, Brady has won over four times as many playoff games as Rivers, almost three times as many as Brees, almost two times as many as Manning, almost six times as many as Kaepernick and 17 times everyone else.

Believe it or not, I don’t even care about that part of the article so much. The more poorly thought out part is Brady’s accuracy ranking as he was ranked seventh out of the eight quarterbacks. Here’s the order of career completion percentage, from best to worst, in the regular season: Brees – 65.9%, Manning – 65.5%, Rivers – 64.4%, Wilson 63.6%, Brady 63.4%, Kaepernick – 59.8%, Newton 59.8% and Luck – 57%.

Accuracy is numbers people and numbers tend to drastically dip or slightly increase with years of experience like Brady, Manning, Brees and Rivers have. So, I can confidently say that with long careers like Manning, Rivers and Brees those are real numbers, but give Wilson a few years and we’ll see if he’s really a 63.6% completion guy.

For the sake of argument, the numbers say Brady is fifth in completion percentage among those quarterbacks throughout his career, which is two spots up from where they ranked him. I don’t get where they got their numbers. Like I said before, I’m all for opinions, but this article is horribly thought out and consider none of the variables.

Kaepernick has a great winning percentage and that’s great, but when Brady had a great defense, between the years of 2000-2004, he was 9-0 and undefeated in the playoffs with three Super Bowl wins. I’m just saying, when you compare teams, the Patriots defense for the past nine years has been miles behind the one that San Francisco has put on the field the past two years for Kaepernick and the actual real numbers show that.

In some ways I would argue the same thing for Peyton. His team’s defenses have sucked throughout his career and his playoff wins reflect that. I’m so sick of the anti-Patriots stigma in the national media. I love what Brady stands for, but I wouldn’t say Brady is number one in accuracy because the numbers say he isn’t. But with zero numbers, these clowns have managed to rank him seventh. Call it like it is you frauds.

The hard truth is we put a lot of emphasis on quarterback play. You don’t see any articles depicting the top offensive lines left in the playoffs, but no team wins with a terrible offensive line. Individual players can win you games, but teams win championships.

If I were going with my heart I’d say based on previous success, experience and drive that Brady is the best left in the playoffs. He’s won more games. He’s been there every season except for two. Lastly, this Patriots team lost players that resulted in 88.3% of their offensive production last season, which is the highest turnover for any team left in the playoffs and yet Brady still got the number two seed and a bye-week. Consider everything.

Josh Brown



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