Red Sox Top Prospects Head to Rookie Program

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Ten rookie Red Sox prospects showed up to Fenway on Monday as they participate in the Boston Red Sox Rookie program. This week long program focuses on easing the young players into the life of Major League Baseball.

Among them were infielders Garin Cecchini and Deven Marrero, pitchers Matt Barnes, Henry Owens and Anthony Ranaudo and catchers Christian Vazquez and Blake Swihart are of the most notable attendees. Other players include newly signed Dalier Hinojosa from Cuba was signed in October of last season and is the only one in attendance that was not with the Red Sox last season. Noe Ramirez and Travis Shaw were also among the young hopefuls.

The program includes two daily workouts that focus on the strengthening and conditioning to cope with the daily grind of the MLB season. The fundamentals of baseball are also practiced and the off-field life of a baseball player is also gone over.

A number of Boston Red Sox coaches will be speaking as well as Larry Lucchino. Danny Ainge will also be amongst the Boston figures in attendance to give a speech.

Players will always do what they want to do, but this program should at least allow them to understand what they will be stepping in to if they do become a member of the Boston Red Sox. Baseball is a lot about the character of a player because there are so many games.

With the high number of games, a player with good character will be more likely to stick it out when times are rough and not become a problem in the locker room. That is the biggest part of it as anything else because it’s pretty obvious that these players have ability, otherwise they wouldn’t be in this position.


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