Rajon Rondo to Return This Friday?

Photo Courtesy of Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

Photo Courtesy of Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

The Boston Celtics have dropped their ninth straight game against the Houston Rockets on Monday night 104-92, but relief may be on the way by the end of this week. According to a very complex mathematical tweet posted by Rajon Rondo (29,233,380 seconds), equates to the day of his ACL surgery and his return to the lineup. The math would add up that Rondo would return on Friday night when the Celtics host the Los Angeles Lakers at the TD Garden.

After practice on Tuesday, both Rajon Rondo and Brad Stevens declined to speak to the media about his possible return date and that he could just pop up and play whenever he feels ready. Stevens did give a small hint to the media that he has some tough physical activities planned for Rondo just prior to Wednesday nights game against the Toronto Raptors. The only concern with Rondo once he returns is going to be how long he can stay on the floor and play the regular minutes that he is used to playing. After the doctors cleared Rondo for 5-on-5 full contact practice, he definitely was out of shape and needed serious work on conditioning. But once Rondo got into a rhythm, he has been looking great at practice and during pregame warmups.


We are all anxiously waiting for Rajon Rondo to just get on that #9 uniform and do what he does best. Boston’s TitleTownTalk writer Josh Brown makes very valid points on how Rondo’s return to the lineup will impact the Celtics going forward. There have been very noticeable weaknesses that the Celtics have been trying to fix all throughout the season without Rondo. The Celtics have done very well this season without Rondo and managed to stay in first place for a few weeks, but it will be an even bigger help for them once Rondo returns and addresses the issues right away.


But my message to all Celtics fans is that Rajon Rondo’s return will definitely be a huge plus for the Celtics, but it’s not going to be an immediate quick fix. I think it’s still going to take a little time for Rondo to be readjusted to playing basketball at a high level, but knowing how motivated he is, there shouldn’t be any problems. If it is true that Rondo will just put on his uniform instead of his flashy suits, it will be bigger than just a typical Celtics versus Lakers game in Boston on Friday night.


Joe Chancler


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