Welker Weighs In On Brady-Manning Debate

Credit: Winslow Townson - Sports Illustrated

Credit: Winslow Townson – Sports Illustrated

With ‘Brady verses Manning week’ in full swing, it seems like just about every ‘expert’ has come out and given their opinion on who’s the better quarterback, but whose opinion could possibly carry more weight than the man who has caught passes for both Brady and now Manning – Wes Welker.

The uniquely qualified Welker responded by saying “it’s like comparing Picasso to Michelangelo – it’s hard to compare the two.”

“There aren’t too many differences,” Wes explained. “They are great quarterbacks. They do a great job of keeping guys accountable and their leadership skills and everything else. They are two guys you want quarterbacking your team. It’s a toss-up between those two.”

Realistically, the entire storyline between quarterbacks going head-to-head is silly because they don’t. Brady is going toe-to-toe with the Denver Broncos defense, ranked 27th throughout the regular season, but Denver is coming off last weekend when they allowed the least amount of passing yards of any team left in the playoffs.

The Patriots defense allowed 317, Seattle allowed 309, San Francisco allowed 232 and Denver allowed just 194. One quarterback gets to go against the team that just allowed the most passing yards, while Brady has to go up against that allowed the least.

The truth is you can compare careers at the end of it, but comparing it now is useless banter. No one is right until it’s all said and done and both have retired. Does Manning choke? Yes. Is Brady 0-2 in Super Bowls since New England was busted for Spygate? Yes. Neither mean anything if Brady or Manning wins the next two Super Bowls.

Each has marveled in spectacular careers thus far, and each has set records and I truly believed each one has learned from the other. If you want my opinion I’d take Brady any day of the week, but that’s not because I think Brady is leap-years ahead of Manning. It’s because I go on championships and the mistakes Brady doesn’t make in big spots. I go on spectacular late drives I watched Brady pull off on a grand stage. I go on my biased of watching and covering Patriots games.

If Pats fans want the hard truth, Brady has kind of taken on a lot of what Manning is. From regular season success and records, to post season trials and tribulations. Brady has become a play-caller at the line, much like Manning has been for 10 years or so. Both study the game and both execute at a high level, but the nature of football is it’s the ultimate team sport. Brady and Manning will need help from their defense to win this game and the next one.

Welker is spot on in what both contribute to their teams. They both exhibit great leadership and both have had different strengths around them in their time in the NFL. Manning has had a better supporting cast generally speaking; Brady has had a better defense.

These two haven’t played each other in the playoffs since 2006 when Manning came out on top 38-34. The playoffs are a different game than the regular season and the head-to-head winner between Brady-Manning in the playoffs has gone on to win the Super Bowl all three times. Can January 19th, 3:00PM come already.

Josh Brown


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