Big Homecoming For Pierce and Garnett

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If you are attending the game on January 26th between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets, consider yourselves the luckiest fans in Boston. It has been a roller coaster year so far for the Celtics as there will be another emotionally anticipated game coming to the TD Garden. It will feature the return of both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for the first time since being traded over the summer to the division rival. Doc Rivers has already made his emotional return to Boston back on December 11 and ended up defeating the Celtics despite a lot of nostalgia returning to his head. I’m sure it will be deja vu again in Boston when the two future hall of fame players return to the TD Garden.

Paul Pierce has spent his whole career with the Celtics since being drafted 10th overall in the 1998 draft by the Celtics from Kansas University. I will always admire everything Pierce gave to the Celtics and the city of Boston during his time here. Pierce has remained very loyal and patient with the Celtics during the best of times and the worst of times and is 2nd on the Celtics’ all-time list in scoring.


Kevin Garnett was part of a blockbuster trade back in 2007 on a 7-1 trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves that brought him to Boston and half of another basketball team to the Wolves. It was well worth it because Garnett gave the Celtics a huge defensive identity that contributed to the 2008 championship season. Garnett always gave it his all on the floor every single night and the energy that he had brought to the Celtics will always be missed in Boston.


The Celtics and the Nets had already faced each other in Brooklyn on December 10th resulting in a Nets win. The two teams squared off in Brooklyn during the preseason back in October and Paul Pierce came into the Celtics locker room just prior to the game to high-five everybody and greet them before tip-off. The Brooklyn fans didn’t give either Kris Humphries or Gerald Wallace the homecoming welcome that Garnett or Pierce will recieve in Boston.


It will be another emotional night at the TD Garden coming in the near future, but punch my ticket to see both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett when their jerseys will be retired to the rafters someday.


Joe Chancler


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