Jerry Remy Announces He Will Return

Photo credit: CBS Boston

Photo credit: CBS Boston

After a five month silence, Jerry Remy told reporters on Monday that his days calling Boston red Sox games in the booth aren’t quite over as he announced he will be returning next season.

Remy took a leave of absence after the murder of his son Jared Remy’s girlfriend, the mother of Jerry Remy’s granddaughter, was murdered. Jerry Remy’s son was charged with the murder in August and that’s when Remy decided to get out of the public eye.

A very solemn Jerry Remy talked to reporters about his decision:

“I don’t in any way want to take away what they have had to deal with, what they have had to go through. It’s by far the worst day of my life, and obviously the worst day of the Martels’ lives,” said Jerry Remy. “They don’t have the comfort of talking to her, of seeing her. They’ll never see her again. Her daughter will never see her again.”

Red Sox fans adore Jerry for his humor, craziness and meaningless jibber-jabber with long-time MESN partner Don Orsillo. As recently as December Remy was convinced there was no way he could return to such a joyous career as his for fear that it would be inappropriate given the circumstances. After talking with his wife and a few close friends, he knew what he wanted to do.

“I felt for a couple of months, for two or three months, that it was over,” Remy told reporters. “There’s no way I was coming back. They reminded me about my career, and where it came from, and where it is.”

“When I got drafted as a baseball player, I got drafted late, and I made it to the big leagues. I wanted to quit, my father talked me out of it. When I started this job, I was awful – I was terrible. I couldn’t wait for the first season to be over – I wanted out. [ I ] didn’t quit. Continued on for 26 years. When I got cancer, I wanted to quit. I didn’t – it drove me to depression – it came back – I continued on. Some of these things started to resonate a little bit with me.”

The thoughtful and deeply hurt Jerry Remy expressed his concerns for the Martel family and what they would think:

“I don’t intend to be a quitter. Don’t intent to be one now. It’s what I do. It’s what I know. It’s what my comfort level is. It’s where I feel I belong and I feel I’m going to do so as long as possible. I hope in no way that my decision to come back to do games has a negative impact on the Martel family. I’m quite certain they understand I have to make a living, and unfortunately mine is in the public eye. I’m quite certain they understand that.”

Remy has made his decision and it’s one that he knows some won’t like, but it’s one he felt he had to make. Carrying on with life is a must in most circumstances and though I published an article that stated I think he should call it a career, I certainly can’t fault him for how he deals with his losses.

An MLB season is 162 games long and that is sure to keep anyone’s mind busy while trying to forget the horror that is this tragic story. People heal differently than others. People have a need to feel normal and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Like Remy, baseball is back shortly and most will look forward to hearing the long-time Red Sox broadcaster back in the booth.

Josh Brown


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