Ortiz Complaining About Another Extension


Credit: Sports Illustrated

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Star and MVP of the 2013 World Series David Ortiz appeared on a TV interview via Satellite that aired Sunday and said he would like to retire with the Red Sox, but if an extension wasn’t made that he thinks it would be “time to move on.”

The Boston Red Sox signed David Ortiz to a two-year contract last offseason (2013) in which Ortiz still has a year left on. Ortiz is slated to make an additional 15 million dollars this season (2014) on his current deal.

Prior to the 2007 season, the Red Sox and Ortiz agreed to a four-year 52 million dollar deal, which had an option in the offseason of 2011. The Red Sox then picked up that option for an additional 12.5 million dollars in 2011. In the offseason of 2012, the Red Sox offered a salary arbitration of two-years at 18 million dollars, but Ortiz turned it down and played on a one-year 14.575 million dollar deal.

Ortiz is still getting through the deal that took place in the 2013 offseason that gave him two years at 30 million dollars because he did not appear on the DL for 20 days. All the facts being said, really Ortiz?

Do we really have to sit here and listen to you complain about making 109.075 million dollars in the span of eight years when you’re 38 years old. It’s getting old listening to him every offseason when he doesn’t even play the field. All he does is swing the bat and play first-base very infrequently.

I get it, get your money while you can and usually I’m all for players getting their money because it’s a short-lived career, but it’s excruciating to listen to him. Sad part is he was a main reason the Red Sox were able to win the World Series and he is a fan-favorite so he knows he’s got them in a corner.

Being the smart business man that he is, Ortiz will get an extension, I’m sure, and play out the rest of his career in Boston. I just hope the Red Sox do us all a favor and pay him fast so we don’t have to listen to it any more. Painful.

Josh Brown


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