‘Cold Weather’ Super Bowl Not a Success?

Credit: Forbes

Credit: Forbes

The Super Bowl was taken by storm, not a snowstorm as some feared, but by the Seattle Seahawks and though it joys half of America to see Peyton Manning lose, and the other half of America that the better team win, I still think that Sunday’s blowout loss by the Broncos could have a lasting negative effect.

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts complained about the Patriots playing too rough and it changed the entire rulebook. Pass interference was called more strictly and the league wasn’t better for it. I’m begging you – don’t let Manning’s ineptitude in big moments change the great idea that is the outdoor Super Bowl.

As a proponent of the quote-on-quote ‘cold-weather Super Bowl’ I must say that the massacre that happened in New Jersey may have set back the game from a potential great thing. Why can’t the Super Bowl be played outside in the elements when just two weeks earlier, the AFC and NFC Championship games were played in any conditions?

Weather is a major factor in the NFL and it should be a part of being the Super Bowl winner. Sure I may idealize it and romanticize it, but the fact that one team can put to motion ‘mind over matter’ and one team can’t is enough to make me believe that the team that can withstand any obstacle should win.

Isn’t the point of the Super Bowl to crown the best team of the regular season? If it is, why is something like weather that is perfectly acceptable in the regular season, not okay in the Super Bowl?

So, here’s my point. There hasn’t been a blowout loss like Sunday night’s Super Bowl since 1993 and all have been competitive since 2003 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat down the Oakland Raiders 48-21 in Super Bowl 37. Six of the last 11 Super Bowls have been decided by four points or fewer making them terrific games to watch.

The Denver Broncos not showing up in a huge way will strengthen the case of the nay-sayers and further prove their point that the Super Bowl should be played in a controlled climate. I mean after all, the Super Bowl isn’t about the sport anymore. It’s become about the vacation of it, the commercials and for some odd reason puppies.

I love the idea of the Super Bowl being ten degrees because the difference between a team that plays in 10 degrees for the entire month and a half leading up to the Super Bowl playing in hot climates, and the team that plays in a dome switching to the cold isn’t as big as people think. Both teams had to deal with a sudden weather change and we all like warm, but I want to see a real champion.

Sunday’s Super Bowl broke viewership records and it was a good thing for the game, but when reflecting on it are the same people that were against it going change their mind based on this Super Bowl? Though it wasn’t a cold-weather game, being 49 degreees at kickoff, I still don’t think it did enough to change the minds of those people against it and that’s the problem.

Josh Brown


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