Practice Update: Planning for Revenge on the 76ers

The Boston Celtics took Monday off and practiced on Tuesday afternoon prior to hopping on a plane for Philadelphia for a rematch with the 76ers on Wednesday night. The Celtics are coming off of a big win on Sunday afternoon against the Orlando Magic and look to keep the momentum going. This game coming will sure be a revenge game for the Celtics and there will be a different lineup on Wednesday as opposed to last Wednesday at the TD Garden. The Celtics lost at the final buzzer with Evan Turner banking in the game-winner, which is still a tough pill to swallow. The Celtics will have both Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo back in the lineup and we should hopefully see better results.

The Celtics are coming off of a nice win against the Magic, but also the 76ers are on a 3-game losing streak after Monday’s loss against the Brooklyn Nets. With those losses by the 76ers, the Celtics have moved ahead to 4th in the Atlantic Division a game ahead of Philadelphia. After the Celtics’ loss against the 76ers last Wednesday, the Celtics players headed into the locker room very frustrated and hanging their heads low. At today’s practice, the players haven’t forgotten it.

“That hurt,” said Gerald Wallace. “You play a good game like you did, you put yourself in a position to win, but you let a team that you were supposed to go ahead and take care of hang around. At the end, they made the play and they found some way to pull it off.”

The Celtics had a good practice on Tuesday with everybody well focused and still trying to address some of their weaknesses before it gets out of hand. As I stated in my previous story about the month of February, this will be a critical month for the Celtics and they will need to take full advantage of every practice day that is on the schedule.

Gerald Wallace took basketball action for the first time this week on Tuesday after leaving the team because of a death in his family. Jared Sullinger was a limited participant in practice because he is still taking care of a dislocated finger. He had two of his fingers taped together throughout the whole practice and only was limited to shooting and rebounding drills. Both Kris Humphries and Jerryd Bayless played one-on-one after practice had officially ended.

With a full and healthy roster, the Celtics look very good heading into Philadelphia for a showdown with the 76ers on Wednesday night.

Joe Chancler


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