12-Year Old Granted With a Celtics Game Wish

Photo Courtesy of NBA.com/Celtics

Photo Courtesy of NBA.com/Celtics

This isn’t a typical Celtics story that I’m about to share, but I found this story to be an absolutely amazing and kudos for the Boston Celtics Organization for making this happen. A 12-year old boy from New Zealand named Louis Corbett is a big Celtics fan and had been diagnosed with a rare genetic eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. This condition is an inherited disease (two of Louis’ siblings also have the disease) and it makes a person’s vision progressively worse until they go completely blind. According to the Foundation of Fighting Blindness, most people with the condition are legally blind before the age of 40.

Thanks to Twitter and Jay from Red’s Army for alerting Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck about the story and Louis was invited to Boston on March 5th when the Celtics take on the Golden State Warriors. The Boston Celtics will also be paying for Louis’ family’s airfare from New Zealand to Boston for this occasion. Louis will have a chance to watch his favorite basketball team play live and in-person thanks to those people aware of his condition.


This isn’t a typical Boston Celtics story where I would talk about what’s going on during games, in the locker room, in practice or just stats, but this is just one case of where things are simply bigger than basketball. I couldn’t be prouder of the Boston Celtics Organization for doing a great thing for this young kid and his family.


Joe Chancler


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