Rondo to the Raptors?


Credit: David Butler II - US Presswire

Credit: David Butler II – US Presswire

Every indication seems to be that the Boston Celtics have become sellers and are looking to stack up, but GM Danny Ainge told media that if the right deal came along, Boston could become buyers at the trade deadline.

“We would do a deal to make our team better and use assets to get better right away,” Ainge said. “And we would also move veteran players to create flexibility and get draft picks. So we could go either way right now. But right now I think it’s a feeling-out process.”

With a list of assets equal to those Ainge had in 2007 when he acquired the big three, and even more picks than in 2007, it is very conceivable that the Celtics could make a move. The on again – off again 2014 Boston Celtics will pull out wins against good teams, but then will look like a team partaking in ‘Tankapalooza’ the very next day.

The 2014 season is lost as Boston sits at 19-35, which is why the Celtics should remain sellers. The Celtics have the sixth worst winning percentage in the league this season.

The latest rumor has the Toronto Raptors highly interested in four time all-star Rajon Rondo. The Raptors would be willing to give up the pick, but it would likely have to involve another team like the Knicks in order to make it work.

Boston’s asking price for Rondo, according to sources, is two first round picks, or a lottery pick and a talented young player. The Raptors are first in the Atlantic division while the Knicks are third in the same division.

The Knicks are in hard pursuit of Kyle Lowry, who is cashing in on a career year thus far in Toronto. Meanwhile, the Knicks seem hesitant to give up young up-and-coming scorer Tim Hardaway Jr. but that may be what it takes to get a deal done.

For Boston, the first round pick would come from Toronto, while the young talented player would come from the Knicks. The Knicks would receive Lowry and the Raptors would receive Rondo. That is put in layman’s terms because you have to match up salaries in the NBA, but that’s the gist.

Our sources say Rondo isn’t going anywhere, but if the right deal is offered up Ainge might be inclined to take it. Ainge obviously wants to keep Rondo because the asking price for him is way high after only 10 games back.

Note: The Sacramento Kings rumor that sent Rondo to the Kings in exchange for a first-round pick, Ben McLemore ans Isaiah Thomas has been squashed due to Rondo not being willing to re-sign with the Kings.

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