POLL; Should the Celtics Tank?



It’s where no one wants to go in the Celtics organization, but it has been highly debated throughout the course of this season – the Boston Celtics tanking.

So much has been discussed publicly, both from those for and against the idea, but no site has done a poll to get the Celtics fans perspective numerically.

Let’s do it:

Recently, a war of words has been started by fellow TitleTownTalk writer Joe Chancler on those, like me, who believe the Celtics should tank: ‘Those people’s brains are the size of Christmas tree lights and can stick to that idea on their Playstations.’

It’s hard for me to see the downside in the Celtics tanking as all their stock for a quick rebuild lies in the NBA lottery and the worse you are, the higher the chance you have at getting a top-three pick.

Read my article that supports the Celtics tanking and read Joe’s article against it and make your choice!


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