I’ll Take Verner Over Talib Any Day

Credit: The Tennessee Titans official website

Credit: The Tennessee Titans official website

Free agent corner back Alterraun Verner has quickly made it known that he is interested in joining either the Patriots or Broncos in an interview on ‘Mad Dog Radio’ earlier on Monday. Patriots safety Devin McCourty is reportedly lobbying for Verner to join him in New England.

Verner has been teammates with Jason McCourty (Devin McCourty’s brother) and according to Verner, Jason McCourty has been very vocal in urging Verner to consider the Patriots as a possible destination.

I wrote an article last week highlighting that Verner would be a good option instead of Aqib Talib, or Darrelle Revis, just for the simple fact that he is good in coverage and he’ll cost less.

“I would feel more obliged to go to a team that paid me $6 or $7 million and made me one of the highest-paid players on the team than go to a team that paid me $8 or $9 million and I wasn’t one of the highest-paid players on the team,” Verner said.

Signing Verner, or Rodgers-Cromartie for that matter, would make it possible to restructure Wilfork, add a piece like Jared Allen and bring in a good safety. Don’t forget the Patriots released last year’s starting safety Steven Gregory.

The big knock on Talib is his games played. Since 2010, when Verner was drafted in the fourth round in the 2010 draft, Verner has played all 16 games every season for a total of 64 games played – Talib in that same time-frame has played in 47 games. Also, keep in mind that Talib has played for a team that has made the playoffs these last two seasons and Verner has been on the Titans, who have not.

I would seriously consider signing Verner over Talib this offseason and it’s possible that the Patriots think so too. Verner just may have let his suitors slip in this interview as the NFL’s ‘legal tampering period’ began on March 8th, just two days ago.

Here’s how Verner stacks up in 2013:

Player Games Played Passes Defended Pass Interceptions Tackles
Darrelle Revis





Aqib Talib










Alterraun Verner





Josh Brown


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