Talib Gone to Denver; Revis the Patriots Only Option

Aqib Talib agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos late last night. The deal is a 6-year $57 million deal and Patriots fans are outraged this morning.

I had been saying due to his injury history, the Patriots could do without Talib, but the other guy I wanted also came off the board last night.

Alterraun Verner signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $26.5 million over 4 years. That’s the one that stings me.

The Talib deal was way too rich and it’s not something I would have been comfortable with so pump the brakes. Only issue now is the Patriots can only get mediocre corners besides Revis, who will command a lot of money and handicap the Pats.

Last offseason, the Broncos took the Patriots best free agent in Wes Welker and this season they struck again taking the Patriots best free agent in Talib. The Broncos seem intent on, not only making themselves better, but making their primary competition within the AFC worse.

Unless the Patriots score Revis when he will be reportedly released today at 4pm, or get a crazy good pass rush with Jared Allen or Demarcus Ware, then they have failed this offseason.

I cringe thinking about the current rosters of the Denver Broncos and Patriots playing a game today. It would be ugly.

Josh Brown


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