Celtics Owner Hints Interest in Carmelo Anthony

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Co-Owner of the Boston Celtics, Wyc Grousbeck was on the Felger and Mazz program this afternoon and may have offered a little insight as to what the Celtics plan to do this offseason.

“I’ve got confidence that with all these picks and these young guys and our willingness to spend money that we can get there,” Wyc said to the Boston Globe. “We’re a patient group – We will take a multiyear plan if that’s what it takes. But I think this June there could be some fireworks,” which translated means they could be starting the rebuild sooner than later.

What the Celtics have are draft picks. What they want to build to entice free agents is a culture of winning, which is where the picks come in. Wyc said on Felger and Mazz, in order to get free agents to come, the Celtics need to create an environment in which they can win championships.

The first player that Wyc listed of two in a list of players that never won championships (including Charles Barkley) happens to be a free agent this coming summer – Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony is a scorer primarily, but if you’ve read any of our stuff, you know we’ve been cooking on Anthony to the Celtics for a while. He doesn’t help you defensively, but with players like Sullinger, Bradley and Bass, you can spare a little defense for a player of Anthony’s caliber on offense. (Random thought: in points allowed per game, the Knicks are ranked 13th, which isn’t that bad and they have Carmelo)

Now, Wyc quickly took back Anthony’s name from his list of players that haven’t won championships, but that is the type of player the Celtics will be targeting. To me, it says something that Anthony was on the forefront of his mind when listing the type of players that would be interested in a winning culture. Enticing free agents to come to a situation in which they can win a championship seems to be Boston’s only play as the destination isn’t as desirable.

Anthony has clearly expressed interest in playing with Rondo, who will be on the last year of his current deal next season. Anthony has also expressed an interest in testing free agency and possibly leaving the New York Knicks, who have been a mess since Carmelo got there.

The Celtics could be dropping salaries of Kris Humphries – $12 million, Jerryd Bayless – $3.14 million , Keith Bogans – $5 million, Phil Pressey/Chris Johnson – $880,000 combined and possibly $3.58 million as Avery Bradley is a restricted free agent.

The payroll for the Celtics this season sits at $70,537,434 and could go down to $44,705,225 by this offseason if all that money comes off the books. The number five draft pick from last season made $3.5 million and if the Celtics get higher in the lottery, it could go up from there for spots 1-4.

What they need is a legit scorer and a legit center. The Celtics rank 27th in points scored per game at just 95.4 and they have been playing a mix of forwards at center all season. Their gritty play has landed them 13th in rebounds per game, but they are all undersized for centers.

All that being said, the Celtics can make a quick turn around with two first round draft picks and over $20 million to spend this offseason and what should be a multi-year process, could take just one.


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