Jeff Green Doesn’t Care What Critics Think

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

We have heard it all before about the consistency of Jeff Green throughout his tenure with the Boston Celtics and the criticism remains in full force this season as well. With a completely different Celtics team this season with Pierce and Garnett traded away, new head coach Brad Stevens at the helm and Rajon Rondo injured for the first half of the season, Green was going to be put in a position where he can really make a name for himself as the leading scorer.


Jeff Green leads the Celtics in points with 1,187 and is averaging 17.0 points per game and they are both career highs for the six-year veteran. With only ten games remaining in the regular season, Green has a really good chance surpassing his career high of 1,290 points that he set back 2008-09 with the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Still not impressed? Jeff Green doesn’t care what the consistency critics have to say about the way he plays.


“You’re going to have good games and you’re going to have a bad game. What I can control is the way I go out there and play, and that’s playing hard. If I make shots, I make shots. If I miss, I miss,” said Jeff Green. “They don’t know because they haven’t been through it. That’s why I say I can care less what people say. You know I don’t give a (expletive). It don’t bother me.”


That’s a great attitude out of Jeff Green and it will go a long way playing in a city that demands to win and expects the best out of you like Boston. Green is just feeling fortunate enough to be able to enjoy his life that was almost taken away from him two years ago after undergoing open-heart surgery. He just counts playing basketball as a huge blessing in his life.


“After missing a year from the condition I had, just being on the floor is a good start and a blessing for me,” said Jeff Green. “That’s my expectation, just go out there and play as hard as I can.”


You have to have a real thick skin to be part of the Celtics organization no matter what level position you are in, especially with the way the season has been going to far. The way Jeff Green has been shrugging off the criticism is sometimes how I wish I could shrug off sometimes, I will not lie. I’m perfectly fine with the way he has played this season and it is only fair that I hope that he can improve and have a better season next year too.


With a healthy Rondo and an unusual long summer ahead for the Celtics, Jeff Green will have plenty of time to work on his game and become a much better player than he already is. The criticism for Green will still not break him.


Joe Chancler



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