Chiarelli Shows Interest in Extending Iginla

Credit: Bruce Bennett- Getty Images

Credit: Bruce Bennett- Getty Images

With eleven 30-goal seasons under his belt, Jarome Iginla looks to extend his streak as a member of the Boston Bruins, who should be in the process of extending him.

Since 2006, when Peter Chiarelli took over as GM of the Bruins, Iginla has been one of his best additions via free agency, if not the best. With not knowing how he would fit in, the Bruins and Iginla only agreed on a one-year deal that makes him a free agent after this season.

Iginla, who leads the Bruins in goals with 28, is a perfect fit and an extension would benefit both sides. It’s a question that came up on Chiarelli’s radio interview on Wednesday. Chiarelli showed interest in hanging on to Iginla into the future:

“It’s something we’ll discuss after the completion of our games,” Chiarelli said. “He’s been good for us. He’s a guy we’d like to keep.”

Iginla is naturally good at hockey, but his nature to work hard and skate well makes him an exceptional fit for a Julien system that stresses defense first. Iginla has been hard to ignore since the Olympic break, scoring nine goals and four assists in the 15 games after the break.

The realization of Chiarelli to say publicly that Iginla is a guy they want back gives me hope that an extension can get done prior to the playoffs. He’s so good at hockey, there’s no need to have anything clogging up his mind while he plays in big games.


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