Patriots to meet with Michael Bush

Credit: Chicago Tribune

Credit: Chicago Tribune

Looking to fill the void left by LeGarrette Blount when he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Patriots are reportedly bringing in former Bears running back Michael Bush for a workout.

Bush, who was drafted by the Raiders 100th overall in 2007, has played his last two seasons with the Bears has a bit of a fumbling history – something Patriots fans don’t take kindly to. Bush has played in the NFL for six seasons and has 3,250 career rushing yards and 29 touchdowns.

Bush a big physical back like Blount at 6’1, 245 pounds. After hitting career-highs in yards and attempts 2011, he has fallen off in Chicago behind Matt Forte. This means he will likely come at a discounted rate and on a short-term deal if he is brought to New England.

Blount signed for two years at $3.85 million, which means the Patriots will look to give Bush somewhere in the two years at $2.5 million range with a lot of incentives. The exact time frame of the visit is not yet known.



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