Rajon Rondo Calls Out Teammates After Philly Loss

Photo Courtesy of Steven Senne/Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of Steven Senne/Associated Press

The Boston Celtics aren’t having a good final stretch of the regular season and currently riding an 8-game losing streak after suffering a 115-111 loss to the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night. For those of you who think Rajon Rondo cannot be an efficient captain for the Celtics, think again. After suffering an embarrassing loss on Friday night at the TD Garden against the Philadelphia 76ers, Rondo called out his teammates after the game for lacking “Celtics Pride” in the loss.


The Celtics are obviously and sadly missing the playoffs this year, but there are still tasks at hand before the season comes to a close. Players at this point are basically playing for contracts and the team as a whole is looking into who will be part of the future. Rajon Rondo has other personal goals in mind to ensure that he will be the next great captain of this historic franchise.

“We have everything to play for,” said Rajon Rondo. “We have pride as a team. Right we’re not displaying that at all.”


It wasn’t a good sight in the locker room after the loss as Rondo was being vocal and yelling at everybody for a lack of effort. A rare yelling of head coach Brad Stevens made the situation even worse than before, but captain Rondo supports his head coach and the team needed a wake-up call after the loss.

“He ripped us a little bit more than usual,” said Rajon Rondo of coach Stevens’ yelling. “That’s part of it, we deserved that tonight.”


I’m in the learning process of the first year of rebuilding is always going to be the hardest and it will generally get worse before it gets better, but losing to an obvious tanking Philadelphia 76ers team really didn’t help build confidence in this young team in Boston. There’s no solution to the current state of the Celtics except to just ride the rest of the season out and see what happens in the summer.


Even though I would’ve rather be in a different place than listening to Rondo call everybody out, it’s a good sign in disguise because he is embracing the captain role of this team and is showing no desire to play anywhere else than here in Boston.


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