TD Garden Will Get a $70 Million Makeover

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The Boston Celtics will be fine-tuning their roster. The Boston Bruins are set for another Stanley Cup run. The TD Garden will get a massive refurbishment. It will be a busy summer for both franchises and their respective home arena. The project is expected to be a 2-year $70 million overhaul starting this May with improved Wi-Fi connections around the arena.


In the North Station portion of the arena, the pro shop is expected to be moved above the lobby area for commuters coming in and out of Boston. The pro shop is currently in a really congested area in between an exit and the old ticket sales area (which nobody uses). The relocation of the pro shop is expected to make the shop twice as large and making it more accessible for the fans. Plus, it will increase window shoppers for the commuters coming in and out of Boston from northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire and Maine. It will welcome all visitors into Boston with a “We are a big sports town” feel and it won’t look like just a simple train terminal anymore.


The TD Garden itself will be a sporadic renovation that will take the majority of the two years to finish. The loge and the balcony concourses are expected to be redesigned completely from the floors to the ceiling and having easier access to concessions. I’ve often heard complaints of long lines to get a beer, but it’s Boston sports and there’s going to be a lot of people all over the place.


The city of Boston has been in discussions with the Olympic Committees to possibly host the 2024 Summer Olympic games. The NBA has never brought an All-Star game in Boston in 50 years and Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck is pushing to make that change to not let the league make the annual event only played in warm weather cities. A sign of foreshadowing perhaps?


I’m excited to hear about the new enhancements that will be in place and the greatest fans in the world here in Boston will enjoy coming to the TD Garden even more than they already do.


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