Brandon Spikes goes off on Twitter at Patriots & fans

Credit: Townson - AP

Credit: Townson – AP

Like the bitter kid that got passed over on the Varsity team and sent to JV, former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes thought himself to be hilarious on Twitter yesterday claiming that he can’t wait to hand the Patriots two losses this upcoming season. The last time the Bills won two against the Patriots in a season, Bill Clinton was still in office getting familiar with receptionists – to be more clear, it was 1999.

In  2007, 20082009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and much more than I feel like counting and linking, the Patriots swept the Bills. I’ll tell you what, New England had better watch out now – A mediocre, run-defending linebacker has joined the Bills squad. The guy should relax because he’s playing a position that doesn’t often alter the outcome of games. You’re not a quarterback, you’re a clown that got benched in the playoffs on the Patriots, who were short on run defenders at that time.

Him calling himself a slave for four years (his Patriots career was four years) is just ignorant, plain and simple. Spikes buddy, the only cake your getting will be on September 3rd for your birthday. It’s not little leagues, you don’t get a trophy for ‘participating’ while getting your ass rocked.

That being said, this guy obviously has something to prove and animosity towards the Patriots. If I were New England, I’d think twice about playing Gronkowski in Bills games. One way to get even would be to injure a player that’s vital to our operation.

I have nothing against the Bills organization, but adding Spikes isn’t really the answer and someone in that organization should tell him to relax on the tweets because he’s just embarrassing himself and the team, who gets put at the forefront of arguments like this. I mean does anyone really need to reflect on the records of the two teams since Belichick and Brady got here – but it’s what happens.



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  1. He is also the same guy that revealed that his biggest fears are spiders and gay people. That guy is as arrogant as they get and good riddance.

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