New Contract In The Works For Kris Humphries?

Photo Courtesy of Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America

Photo Courtesy of Jared Wickerham/Getty Images North America

The offseason for the Boston Celtics will begin after Wednesday night’s season finale against the Washington Wizards at the TD Garden and there has already been discussions of a free agent that may stay in Boston beyond this season. According to Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald, Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge had spoke to both Kris Humphries and his agent about a possible contract renewal after this season is over.

Humphries will be an unrestricted free agent this summer once his $12 million contract is off the books on July 1st and will be a valuable power forward for any team. Kris Humphries likes the direction the Celtics are heading and wants to be part of the team’s future.


“Look at the directed we’re heading in,” said Kris Humphries. “Obviously this year there was disappointment. But coach Brad Stevens is a winner, Ainge has proven to be a winner on multiple levels. The organization and fans are great. The chance to be part of a playoff team here will be great. I think it’s possible. Ultimately it comes down to what the players do, but it’s one of those things where you get comfortable somewhere, and hopefully you can be there for a while and have success.”


Kris Humphries has come a long way this season after I hated him last year with the Brooklyn Nets for many reasons and I will not deny that. Kris Humphries had a lot of qualms last year with the fight that he got into with Rajon Rondo and who could forget that he married Kim Kardashian for 70 days and the divorce process took longer than the actual marriage. He has buried the hatchet with now teammate Rajon Rondo and his ex-wife for 70 days and having a great season despite a 25-win season for the Celtics. I have so much respect for Kris Humphries and would really like him back in green next year.


The term “direction” sounds like it’s going to be what Humphries will be looking for when he hits free agency and the Celtics are definitely heading in the right direction to have a quick rebuild. Humphries is a well-liked teammate around the locker room and I can confidently say that they would like him to stick around for a while. The good news for players that want to remain with their current teams is that the negotiations shouldn’t be as strenuous as they seem and a deal could get done quickly with Kris Humphries because of his will to stay.


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