Marathon Monday; Bruins & Red Sox represent ‘Boston Strong’

Credit to One Fund

Credit to One Fund

On this Marathon Monday, hearts will start to be mended one year and a few days after one of the scariest events is Boston history took place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Every Boston team has represented this tragedy in their ways, but none more than the Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox because they were in season and helped distract fans during a tragic time ad isn’t that what sports is all about.

This day, a day of celebration normally, will be one with a heavy heart, but ‘Boston Strong’ isn’t just a slogan for some as they overcome their fears and will congregate at the finish line later today. Marathon Monday comes at a good time as the Bruins and Red Sox are coming off dramatic victories.

The Boston Bruins handled business against the Detroit Red Wings in their 4-1 victory last night to even the series 1-1 heading to Detroit. In my personal view of the game, the teams played an evenly matched game. The Red Wings outshot the Bruins 35-29 and I’ve seen multiple articles depicting the Bruins pushed around Detroit, but I didn’t see that.

The hits were close to even and the game in my eyes came down to Tuukka Rask and his .971 save percentage. Tuukka was incredible. The Boston Bruins are unlucky to draw the Red Wings in the first round, but the Boston fans are extremely lucky as this series will be a fun one to watch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – pay attention to Torey Krug. He got two assists last night and is one of the only defenseman that can skate with this faster Detroit team – it’s apparent.

The Boston Red Sox rallied after falling down 5-0 early on a Jonny Gomes three-run homer that got it started. Pedroia ended up scoring from third base on an arrant throw to seal the game. The night was cold, but maybe the Boston bats have finally started to heat up.

I still wonder what the Red Sox will ever get out of Pierzynski, but everyone else in the lineup got on base except for Nava last night, which is a good sign. Don’t forget the Red Sox led every category in offense at one point last season and were the most dominant hitting team in the Major League.

It pisses me off how slogans start out for a good cause (like raising money for victims of the bombing), but eventually end up being nothing but a way to get sales. I worry that the ‘Boston Strong’ slogan is getting to a point where it’s just a way for t-shirt companies to gain revenue. Some of the shirts that say ‘Boston Strong’ don’t actually go to help the victims and that’s horse crap. Make sure who you buy from supports the One Fund.

The Red Sox will wear special uniforms for Marathon Monday today, but the honoring and reflection has been happening all season long. It’s apparent that the Bruins and Red Sox love Boston. It’s why Boston is Papi’s  “fucking city.” It’s why the national anthem after the bombing at the Bruins game was so powerful.

boston strong

Red Sox special uniforms – photo courtesy of Sean McAdam


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