Should Lucic be getting so much crap for comments?

First line Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic had some choice words for Alexei Emelin and Dale Weise after the Bruins got ousted by the Canadiens and the comments have been highly debated on my timeline for the past few days.

In short, the quote was something along the lines of “I’m going to fucking kill you next season” as depicted in the video. You can read Lucic’s lips, but Weise made it easier for everyone by going public with it and calling out Lucic to Boston media after the game.

According to NESN, Lucic is not sorry for what he said:

“It’s unfortunate especially because a lot of what’s said on the ice, stays on the ice,” Lucic said. “Unfortunately, that code is broken and it’s unfortunate that it blows up to what it is now. I’m not the first guy to do it, I’m not the last guy to do it. I’m not sorry that I did it.”

“I’m a guy that plays on emotion and this is a game of emotions. Sometimes you make decisions out of emotions that might not be the best ones and that’s what it is. I didn’t make the NHL because I accepted losing or accepted failure. I think that’s what got me to this point and made me the player that I am.”

This situation is the perfect example of how sensitive America has become, especially when something’s caught on camera. I have some news for you. People talk crap and whether it’s behind Weise’s back in the locker room or in the handshake line, Lucic is ready for war next season.

From the perspective of a Bruins fan, be happy the motivation is there. From a Canadiens fan perspective, no one is defending Lucic, least of all me, so focus on the Rangers.

The Boston fans will praise Lucic for unnecessarily hard hits, his permanent facial snarl and his gritty nature on the ice, but then turn on him when it’s public. Lucic is a brute and he’s physical, maybe over-physical. He’s not going to literally kill Weise so relax with the ‘he’s threatening someone’s life’ crap I’ve been reading.

Unfortunately for Lucic, just like the groin hit earlier back in April, it was caught on camera and both can’t be defended. Also, I’m pretty sure he got in a bar fight in his home town if my memory serves. Anyways, I want him to lose with class, but those emotions are raw and there’s an obvious rift there between Lucic and Emelin and Weise.

If a physical game is what Lucic wants to play next season, then I wish he didn’t say it right after the Canadiens kicked the Bruins ass. Just do it when you have the opportunity, but I’m certainly not going to rip him apart over it.

It’s easy to look at Looch as a poor sport and sore loser, but me for one, I like my athletes to be sore losers. Winning is everything in Boston and losing keeps me up at night so the frustration/disappointment on Tom Brady’s face in the AFC Championship loss, and a pissed off Lucic make me feel better. There you go. Maybe I’m horrible.

The points are, the situation is overblown and Lucic isn’t exactly a stand-up guy. It’s a combination and it’s time to move on.


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