Rondo-Love-Anthony big-three with Pierce off the bench?

Photo Courtesy of Fernando Medina/Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Fernando Medina/Getty Images

What is the goal of Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge? Is it to compete for a playoff spot unlike this past season, or is it to compete for championships like 2008-2012. Reportedly, the Celtics are very interested in acquiring Kevin Love, which isn’t something new, but a twist has Carmelo Anthony possibly coming as well. An even bigger twist that you heard here first is Paul Pierce could be part of the bigger picture as well.

If you’re a regular TitleTownTalk reader, you’ll know that we’ve been cooking on Carmelo Anthony to Boston for a while. The 12-year veteran made public comments about wanting to play with current Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. That, paired with a $10 million trade exemption that the Celtics acquired due to the block-buster trade with Brooklyn means they will have the money to bring in not only Kevin Love, but Anthony as well.

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

It was also reported by ESPN that The NBA salary caps are also going up from $58.6 million to $63.2 million in the coming season starting on July first, right on time for free agency. The Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck has also made comments about wanting a player like Carmelo Anthony back in March. The trade exemption, owner interest, money coming off the books and an increase in salary cap means Anthony and Love is a possibility.

Pierce’s contract expired in Brooklyn and Pierce has expressed an interest in returning to Boston to cap off his career. Pierce matched, or posted, career-low’s in points per game, minutes per game and assists per game with Brooklyn and the most likely scenario would be that of Pierce coming off the bench if this all could work out.

Speculation is fun, but with Kevin Love visiting Boston and Carmelo Anthony reportedly telling the Knicks he will opt of of his contract and test free agency, it’s not beyond any realm for the Celtics to move most, or all, of their draft picks and construct a big-three overnight of Rondo-Love-Anthony with Pierce coming off the bench for his final two-three seasons. That construct of players could challenge the Heat immediately for the best in the NBA.


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