Lucchino & Cherington at odds over selling at deadline?

Credit: Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Credit: Jim Rogash – Getty Images

Five games under .500, 4th in the AL East and 71 games into the season, the Red Sox haven’t found much at the plate and that is the issue that has plagued them all of 2014 as they try to defend their World Series Championship. There is a lot of trade chips for the Boston Red Sox, but the big question is when to sell or buy in 2014?

On June 13th, Larry Luchhino was on WEEI and was asked about if the Red Sox would become sellers to which Luchhino responded: “96 games left in the season it’s made them. Generally much later and in our case it’s almost always.” Luchhino doesn’t speak well, but he thinks more times needs to pass, but does Cherington?

According to ESPN, Cherington is ‘still trying to find solutions’ for the Red Sox issues, which signifies to me he’s ready to make a move:

“It’s symbolic of the fact that things haven’t happened, particularly on the offensive side, the way we wanted or hoped. We’re still trying to find solutions,” Cherington said. “I still think we will and we can, but it’s an ongoing thing. The more good hitters you have, the better chance you have to score runs. It’s up to us to always be searching for that and trying to fill the rosters with as many good hitters as possible. That’s an ongoing thing.”

Right there, I believe Cherington verbally admits that they are looking to make a move by the July 31st trade deadline, whether that’s to sell, or to buy which would mean sooner than later. Cherington is not as patient as Luchhino. What strikes me is the fact that Luchhino said this five days ago and Cherington just said that, which makes it seem like they are not on the same page.

Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe thinks the Red Sox have plenty to entice a trade in the MLB and I agree. Pete Abe throws some names out there from Boston that could be traded and most of them are pitchers: Koji Uehara, Jon Lester, Jake Peavy, Burke Badenhop, Craig Breslow, Chris Capuano, Andrew Miller, John Lackey, A.J. Pierzynski, David Ross, Jonny Gomes, Stephen Drew, Will Middlebrooks and more.

Cherington also commented on the fact that the Red Sox have a ton of good pitchers including starters and bullpen: “We’ll see where we are when we get to that point. We’re waiting on a number of things,” Cherington said. “We just have to wait on a few things before we make any decisions. If we have tough decisions or tough conversations to have, I’ll take those tough conversations as opposed to the alternative of not having any tough decisions.”

The tough decisions are whether or not to allow Doubront and Buchholz come back while De La Rosa and Workman are picthing so well. It would seem the Red Sox have two too many starters, which paired with Cherington’s comments could lead to one of the starting rotation being moved for an outfielder.

If the Red Sox want to have a chance at the postseason, they need to make a move this month, or go on a crazy winning streak for the rest of June into July. Whether they sell or buy, the Red Sox ownership needs to get on the same page as Cherington because based on the comments, I agree with Cherington over Luchhino.



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