Getting to Know the Rookies Part #3: Mike Moser

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After the NBA Draft came to a close, the Boston Celtics went out and signed undrafted free agent Mike Moser to a non-guaranteed contract. This will be the 2nd year in a row that the Celtics made an undrafted free agent acquisition after they signed Phil Pressey last season. Despite he wasn’t among the 60 selections, he drew a significant amount of interest from teams around the league looking for the type of player that he is. According to, Mike Moser was ranked the 56th best prospect in this years draft class. Mike Moser worked out for 15 different teams prior to the draft and that’s NOT including the Boston Celtics. Mike Moser is also going to be playing for the Celtics in the Summer League next month in Orlando.

Mike Moser had a shaky collegiate career playing at 3 different schools in 4 years. He spent his freshman year at UCLA, then the next two years at UNLV (one season halted by an elbow injury) and his final year of eligibility at Oregon. During his last year at Oregon, he regained back to his old form in his sophomore year and is looking to translate that success at the NBA level.


Mike Moser stands at 6’8″ with an 8’11” standing reach, which is great for a small forward but not quite enough to pass as a power foward. Moser is very slim for someone his size at 204 pounds and will most likely get pushed around a lot more in the NBA as he did in college. He struggled at his final predraft workout with the Los Angeles Clippers, but that’s not going to stop the Celtics from catching a first glimpse to see what he is really capable of.


During his final season at Oregon, Mike Moser proved to everybody that he can shoot well at a high level. He shot a career best 38 percent from 3-point land and shot 45 percent from mid-range. His most effective shot is shooting off of the dribble and that’s a good skill to have at the NBA level. Whether it is a spot up 3-pointer, mid-range or pull up shots, Moser can really help the Celtics space the floor and get quick scoring on every opportunity.


It’s hard to tell how athletic Mike Moser will be in the NBA, but he can utilize his long length on all aspects of the game. He will be able to rebound the ball well for somebody of his size, even at the small forward position. He averaged 11.9 rebounds per 40 minutes during his college career, including 13.4 rebounds per 40 minutes during his breakout sophomore season at UNLV. He also has good hands and a long enough wingspan to disrupt opponents defensively by causing deflections and altering shots from all angles on the floor. Moser’s weight is not going to help him with his toughness, but his unique skill set can really surprise a lot of scouts and teams in this league (Celtics included).


It’s a 50-50 chance that we will see Mike Moser on the training camp roster this fall depending on how he performs in the Summer League, if he makes the training camp roster, it will be because of his shooting. He will mainly be playing the small forward position and will only play the power forward position if the Celtics decide to play with a small player lineup on the floor. With a better feel for the NBA level, Moser could be a really important role player down the road. He’s already 23 years old heading into the Summer League and probably won’t improve drastically, but even if he’s coming off the bench to hold down the fort defensively or shoot the lights out, it’s not anything worth complaining about. It’s still a viable role and the Celtics could utilize his stills to the fullest.


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