Get Roger Goodell Out Of The NFL

Photo Courtesy of The Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of The Associated Press

I actually wrote a similar story a few years ago for a class about current NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to just leave the league entirely. I was very proud to write the essay because it didn’t just earn myself an A, but I was very pleased to share all of my hardcore facts to prove my point. My feelings on the subject still haven’t changed and I actually want Goodell out of the NFL even more now than ever. Roger Goodell has been Commissioner of the NFL since 2006 and is still a complete moron to this day.


As we have been hearing a lot lately, Ray Rice punched out his fiancee in an elevator. What was his punishment for the incident? Initially, it was just a 2 game suspension. Just a slap on the wrist punishment until TMZ got a hold of the video that caught the incident, then the Baltimore Ravens terminated his contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely. The second punishment should have happened first thing and that part that angers me is the fact that the NFL tried to avoid looking at the video and were constantly making the excuse of “we never saw the video”, which I’m not buying in the least. My views on everyday life are that if somebody thinks it’s perfectly fine to strike a woman or a child and so as such, they are cowards that belong in prison. I’m not a big fan of TMZ, but kudos to them for showing that video to put Roger Goodell in a bad position to make a harsh decision quick before there will be more public outrage towards him more than Ray Rice himself.


My younger sister is a huge animal lover, especially for dogs. She will never watch an NFL game again because of the actions of Michael Vick’s illegal dog-fighting ring and the lack of action Roger Goodell took to punish him. By lack of punishment, I mean the League reinstating him after spending 23 months in prison for animal cruelty. There are hundreds and even thousands of animal lovers in America and own a pet, including myself and Vick electrocuting, drowning and torturing dogs as about as weak as it gets when it comes to a defenseless household pet. Everyone still have harsh feelings for Michael Vick even though this crime is many years old, but Roger Goodell was just sitting in his chair waiting for the right moment to let Vick back into the League so he has another “star” quarterback to add to his wealthy product. For this particular case, it was a matter of keeping the NFL as the best professional sport around instead of punishing a player like modern law would punish a civilian for the same exact crime.


Back in 2012, the New Orleans Saints were being investigated for what was called in the history books as Bountygate. In this sense, Bountygate was orchestrated by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams paying players cash bonuses for injuring specific opposing players in certain ways. One crucial piece of evidence that was obtained was a leaked video that was recorded just prior to the Saints’ 2011 NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers (Warning: Sensitive Material). That video was Gregg Williams giving the bounty hit requirements for the players to earn their cash bonuses. Goodell seemed to have their punishments under control at the time. He gave Gregg Williams an indefinite suspension, head coach Sean Payton a 1-year suspension, players Jonathan Vilma (1-year suspension), Jonathan Hargrove (8-game suspension), Will Smith (4-game suspension) and Scott Fujita (3-game suspension). Then one of the suspended players, Jonathan Vilma, filed a defamation lawsuit against Roger Goodell once the suspensions went into place and claimed that there was no bounty case going on when there was clear-cut evidence that it was going on. Roger Goodell decided to reduce the each of the players suspensions until the judge dismissed the defamation lawsuit. Goodell couldn’t handle the players revolting against their given suspensions, so he turns the disciplinary actions over to Paul Tagliabue, who was Commissioner before Goodell. Tagliabue decided to vacate all of the players’ suspensions and pretend like this whole scandal didn’t happen. Goodell handled this situation very poorly and it should be the current Commissioner handling the punishments and not the former one, who had no idea what was really happening in the Saints’ locker room. What lesson was learned from all of this? Absolutely nothing and it wouldn’t surprise me if another similar scandal happened again.


Roger Goodell is nothing but a complete corrupt blowhard who can’t handle any bad situation appropriately. He should take some notes from current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, otherwise leave the NFL. I love watching football and the New England Patriots, I’ve been watching it for many years. But, Roger Goodell is turning the NFL into a thugs league and it needs to stop now.


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