Goodell should take reduction in salary to build disciplinary team

Photo by Nancy Lane - Boston Herald

Photo by Nancy Lane – Boston Herald

With nearly everyone weighing in on the Ray Rice, it was only a matter of time until someone within the Patriots organization gave their thoughts. Robert Kraft spoke and told media that Roger Goodell had ‘no knowledge’ of the video in which Ray Rice manhandles his then fiance, now wife, in an Atlantic City elevator back in February.

Now comes the circling of the wagons. Who decides the NFL Commissioner? Well the owners do of course and who is an owner? Mr. Robert Kraft. Listen, I’m not one for punishing someone for someone else’s mistakes, but two games Goodell? If he hadn’t seen the tape before TMZ surfaced it then how did NFL reporter for ESPN Chris Mortensen describe the actions that took place in the elevator basically to a T? Someone saw it and that someone had ties to gthe NFL because that’s the  only ties Mortensen has.

Words from Mortensen in July: ‘We saw the TMZ video of what happened outside—when he was dragging her out unconscious—but inside, I’m told from those who have seen the video, it wasn’t pretty. In fact, she attacks him—we don’t know the reason why—and he strikes her, strikes her hard. And her head—according to the sources I’ve spoken to—struck the rail inside the elevator and she was unconscious.’

For those claiming self defense. Mark Schlereth on his ESPN Podcast said he could defend himself by not knocking out a woman. “I can defend myself without creating physical harm. I can grab her and hold on to her arms. I think I’m powerful enough to keep her at bay.”

In 2006, the NFL suspended Albert Haynesworth for five games for stomping on another players head during game action. Haynesworth is a dink, but who’s worse? The NFL has just suspended Josh Gordon for an entire season for his pot-smoking. Ritchie Incognito was suspended indefintely last season for being a bully to a guy his own size and the suspension was lifted three months later. Incognito is an idiot as is Josh Gordon, but are they bigger losers than Ray Rice who hit a woman half his size? Based on the punishments, Goodell thinks so.

Credit: USA Today Sports

Credit: USA Today Sports

Roger Goodell has the sketchiest judgement on suspensions and not to be harsh, but that makes him unfit as the disciplinary figure within the NFL. Determining suspensions and fines is a major part of his job. Don’t get me started on the Ravens who definitely saw the video. That organization has no problem harboring criminals (example Ray Lewis) and to think that they are being honest on not seeing the video is ignorant.

Back to Kraft. Don’t talk. Don’t give your take on it because you have ties to selecting Goodell. Your opinion is laden by a biased personal relationship you have with him. What ever happened to ‘no comment.’

Goodell isn’t a bad guy and we need to remember he’s not the one that struck a woman, BUT he is unfit to determine suspensions and fines as depicted above by his history. Let Goodell grow the game like he’s been successful in doing. What NEEDS to be done is to build a disciplinary team and just take Goodell out of that part of it altogether. Here’s an idea, punish Goodell by taking some of his $44.2 million in earnings per year and create a team of individuals that actually bothers to look into things and determines a proper punishment.


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