Fantasy News: Injury plagued week two in the NFL

Okay, who did it? Who pissed off the fantasy God’s?

Week two of the NFL season occured a few days ago and was nothing short of a disaster for many fantasy football team owners. This had to have been one of the single most injury plagued weeks of any NFL season I’ve ever been a part of in my 14 years of playing this game. I’m not just talking about injuries to players with little or no significance and who have minimal fantasy value. I’m talking about players who have the ability to take their fantasy owners to the all proverbial Promised Land. I’m talking about players who without, can almost guarantee their fantasy owners a trip through 15 weeks of fantasy hell and ultimately into their leagues Toilet Bowl.

This week’s injury bug first took a bite out of Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III. In the team’s home opener, RGIII’s fantasy owners saw Griffin carted off the field in the first quarter with an apparent dislocated left ankle. His 2014 season is now in jeopardy as he is out indefinitely. Shortly after the bug took a chunk out of RGIII’s ankle, it moved onto fellow teammate, DeSean Jackson’s left shoulder. Jackson was also injured in the first quarter and never returned to the game. His status for this Sunday’s game against Philadelphia is questionable. After the bug wreaked havoc on the Washington side of the ball, it figured while it was still at FedEx Field, why not grab a hold of two Jaguar teammates. Tight end, Marcedes Lewis and rookie receiver, Allen Hurns were among the injured. Lewis, who was carted off the field with a high ankle sprain and Hurns also with an ankle injury, would not return to the game. Lewis has been placed on IR-return status with the ability to be back playing on November 23rd at the earliest. Hurns is currently doubtful for this coming week’s game against the Colts.

When the bug was finished in Florida, it took a 1,759 mile trip north, west to Denver, CO. There, with the assistance of Denver Bronco’s safety, T.J. Ward, the bug took out fantasy stud running back and Kansas City Chief, Jamaal Charles’ left ankle. A quick note: This bug sure has a thing for ankles. Anyway, Charles hobbled off of the field after Ward tackled him on a play, never returning to the game. His status for this Sunday’s game against Miami is currently questionable. If he can’t go (which is highly likely) the Chiefs primary backup, Knile Davis will get the start at running back.

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The bug continued its menacing Sunday afternoon while in Buffalo. Within the first 11 minutes of his game vs. the Bills, Miami Dolphins running back, Knowshon Moreno was injured on his first carry of the game. Tackled by Buffalo defensive players, Nickell Robey and Nigel Bradham, Moreno took a shot to his left arm, dislocating his elbow. He too never returned to action. Moreno is out of this coming week’s game and will likely miss one or two months.

Wide Receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, A.J. Green was also sidelined within the first few plays of this week’s game with a toe injury. I can’t really point my finger at the bug on this one given it was an injury that Green had already been dealing with during the week. He walked off the field on his own power after re-aggravating it early in the game. His status for this coming week is currently doubtful.

Other notable players who had fallen victim to the bug are: San Diego Chargers RB, Ryan Matthews (knee, Out); St. Louis Rams WR, Tavon Austin (knee, Out); and New York Jets WR, Eric Decker (hamstring, Doubtful).

With NFL weeks like this, it’s no wonder fantasy team owners have any hair left to pull out of their heads. It’s hard enough to try and draft a winning team in fantasy sports. It’s nearly impossible to win a league if you were one of the unfortunate ones to have a key player or two out of your lineup for the foreseeable future. Here is my recommendation to all fantasy team owners plagued by injuries. Tonight, while the sky is dark and the stars are bright, walk out into the cool night air. While looking up into the sky, pray to the fantasy God’s and apologize for anything you may have said or done to piss them off. Okay, okay, am I taking this too far? In that case just start frantically searching the waiver wire with the hopes you find suitable replacements. Then wish for the best and a lot of luck because you’re certainly going to need it.


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