Can Tom Brady lead the Pats to glory this season?

Source: AP

Source: AP

At the conclusion of last season, Tom Brady’s New England Patriots barely missed a trip to the Super Bowl. In the AFC Championship game, the Patriots were defeated by their rivals, the Denver Broncos 26 to 16. As a new season is playing itself out, many wonder how far Brady can take his team this year. With the Patriots having one of the biggest free agent signings, Darrelle Revis, and resigning key players from last year, the Patriots are serious contenders to win the Super Bowl this year; in fact, some set the odds of this occurring at 8 to 1.

The NFL season has begun, so it’s time to make money and it’s more than just fantasy sports. Many online sports books and online casinos offer the chance for gambling on these odds. As the season progresses, the betting odds will of course be adjusted. By placing a futures bet, it is possible to lock in some fairly good odds, currently bookmakers have the Seahawks with the best odds of winning with the Broncos being a close second. Will the same two teams find themselves at the Super Bowl again? It will be interesting to see how these odds may change when the season begins.

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We have just launched up the fantasy portion to our site, but fantasy football isn’t the only way to win money. Tom Brady is as good as his cast around him and that cast happens to be pretty good, but time will tell on the Patriots.

Brady has started completing just 56% in his first two games, but has also not thrown an interception. Of the NFL QB’s that have thrown at least 77 passes like Brady has, he’s the only one yet to throw an interception. The quarterback doesn’t need to be lights out all the time as proof was in the pudding at the Super Bowl when Wilson was more of a game manager.

The Patriots have gone to their old-school format of defense and run-game with Brady being a dangerous and elite compliment in game two and we’ll see if that formula works for them the entire season.


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