Keith Bogans Finally Gone……Finally

Photo Courtesy of Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

I’ve been biting my tongue for long enough and now I can express how I really feel about Keith Bogans now that he is no longer on the Celtics. The Celtics have traded Keith Bogans to the Cleveland Cavaliers last night along with two conditional Sacramento draft picks (Top 55 Protected for 2015 and 2017) in exchange for two Cleveland 2nd round picks for 2016 and 2017 along with the non-guaranteed contracts of Malcolm Thomas, Erik Murphy, John Lucas and Dwight Powell.


The Celtics get another added bonus in the trade as they now have a $5.3 million trade exception they get from Bogans. The Celtics now have multiple trade exceptions heading into next summer, including the $4.3 million exception they acquired after pulling off a sign-and-trade deal sending Kris Humphries to the Wizards. The Celtics still have a $2.1 million exception from the Courtney Lee trade that will expire in January. John Lucas has a non-guaranteed $1.6 million deal heading into the season along with the non-guaranteed deals of the other players coming over. My guess is that the Celtics may end up utilizing that small trade exception from Courtney Lee on those players depending on how well they perform in training camp and the preseason starting next week.


Going back to Keith Bogans, I’m normally not for trading people away because of the immediate attachment I have with them. But this trade is a rarity for me because I’m just glad a locker room problem is now out the door with the door hitting his ass on his way out. To those of you who don’t even remember seeing Keith Bogans on the Celtics last season, his presence didn’t last too long on the team. Bogans was acquired in that big blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets last summer and didn’t have a huge role on the Celtics as we all expected. Bogans constantly complained to the coaching staff that he wanted more minutes than just sitting at the end of the bench on a nightly basis. The Celtics later decided that it was best for everyone that if Bogans just stays away from the team going forward until they decide what to do with him later on. After one game this season, Bogans acted way out of line demanding more playing time to Brad Stevens and that was the deciding factor on kicking Bogans out of any of the Celtics facilities.


I have to say kudos to Danny Ainge for being very patient in looking for the right way to handle Bogans’ roster situation and making it into the best possible scenario for the Celtics in the long haul. Any other General Manager could have just outright released a player if a similar situation happened, but grabbing a few young players for training camp and preseason games doesn’t cause any harm and the $5.3 million trade exception is a great thing to have next summer too.


My personal message to Keith Bogans, goodbye and good riddance.


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