Krug and Smith get signed by the B’s

Credit: John Tlumacki, Globe Staff

Credit: John Tlumacki, Globe Staff

The Boston Bruins announced earlier that they have signed defenseman Torey Krug and forward Reilly Smith to one year deals, both worth $1.4 million.

Torey Krug became a vital part of the Bruins power play attack and netted the second most goals on any Bruins defenseman last season. The liability with Krug has been in his own end, but for a team that had trouble scoring in the final games of the second round in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it is just what the doctor ordered.

Krug was a +18 in the plus-minus category in his first full season in the NHL. Krug also led the team in points (10) and assists (8) in the post-season. The signing of Krug would have come faster had the B’s not been so hamstrung in the cap, but they managed to get it done regardless.

Credit: CSN Washington

Credit: CSN Washington

Reilly Smith was sixth on the team in points with 51 last season including 14 points on the Bruins power play. His time on the ice was a career-high 14:42 and offensively he is a spark recording career-high’s in every category. Smith was also a plus-28 in his first full NHL season.

Smith impressed everyone when the Bruins showcased him on the power play, something he had never done before. In last year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, Smith scored two game-winning goals and grabbed three points on the power play (2,1).

The NHL salary cap is set at $69 million and with these two contracts, the Bruins now sit at $67.83. The problem is there is no wiggle room for upgrading at the trade deadline and there is about $4.8 million in bonuses carried over from last season, so the Bruins will be paying some luxury tax unless a move is made.

It is no doubt the Bruins needed the combined production, which accounted for 13% of their total offensive output in the regular season and 18.3% of their production in the playoffs.


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