Fantasy News Week 4: Not so outstanding performances

You’ve probably just finished reading my Week 4 Outstanding performances. Let’s move on to my Not so outstanding performances of week 4.

Not so outstanding performers

QB- Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers – What a disaster the start of Cam Newton’s 2014 Fantasy campaign has been.  Coming into the season with high hopes for the fourth year quarterback was an understatement.  Usually you see quarterback’s like Cam, progress from one year to the next.  By the third or fourth season you’ll see the player becoming use to the NFL, adjusting to the speed, learning the play book, etc.  I’m not sure what’s going on in the Panther’s offense but this definitely hasn’t been the case for Newton.  Maybe it’s his weapons or lack there of? Maybe it’s the Panther’s running game or lack there of?  Maybe it’s just Cam Newton.  Of the three games Newton has played in this season, he’s completed 60 out of 94 passes for 728 yards and 3-touchdowns. He’s also only rushed for a total of 33 yards on the season. The good news is he has yet to throw an interception.  This past Sunday was Cam’s worst outing yet.  He threw for 197 yards and 1-score on the afternoon.  Maybe Newton starts putting it together soon and will be a viable fantasy option?  Maybe?

QB- Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles – Chip Kelly’s high octane offense led by quarterback Nick Foles, sputtered a bit in week four when the Eagles took on the 49ers.  Coming into the game Foles has played well throwing for 300 plus yards in every game so far this season.  Through three weeks Foles has thrown for 978 yards and 6 touchdowns along with 2-picks.  This was Nick’s worst game of the season (hence the loss) as he couldn’t break the 200 yard mark (195) and was held without a touchdown and had (2) interceptions.  The Eagles are definitely a better team than what they showed on Sunday. I’m quite certain the Eagles offense will turn things around soon.



QB- Tom Brady, New England Patriots – Okay New Englanders, you may want to block your eyes on this one.  It really pains me to say this being a Patriots fan myself.  Tom Terrific is terrific no more. There I said it! We all need to come to grips with the fact that the days of the young quarterback out of Michigan, leading his team from the depths of hell and on to victory are gone. He’s not that guy anymore.  Where he once was able to make chicken salad out of chicken sh- (droppings), TB12 needs help. I personally say, shame on the Patriots organization for not giving one of the best quarterbacks to have ever played the game, better players to work with. I’m not going to sit on my soap box hammering away at the organization though. Brady has had a horrible season thus far from a fantasy perspective and last night was icing on the cake. The future Hall of Fame quarterback went 14 of 23 for 159 yards and one score.  To go along with that score, Brady had 2 interceptions (one which was returned for a touchdown) and fumbled the ball twice. I’m honestly not sure what to say about the quarterback and the offense as a whole going forward.  The old line of “Don’t worry about it, Belichick and Brady will figure it out” just doesn’t seem probable anymore.  Okay New Englanders go ahead an open your eyes again. We love Brady! Brady’s awesome! Go Pats! You can do it! In Bill we trust!

RB- Arian Foster, Houston Texans – 8- carries for 6 yards was Fosters output on the day when the Texans took on the Buffalo Bills in Houston. I don’t even know what to say here.  I know Buffalo is known for their stout run defense but come on! Hopefully there wasn’t anyone who had the 28 year old back out of Tennessee in their line-up this week.  If you did, Foster did manage to grab  7 receptions on the day for 55 yards so not all was lost if you are in a PPR format.

RB- LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles –  Things can’t be going well for you when you’ve made my not so outstanding list two weeks in a row.  I could just go ahead and copy and paste last weeks comments I made about these two players but that would be lazy of me.  Instead I’ll just tell you what I’ve been hearing. The Eagles offensive line has been having major issues.  Injuries being a big part of those issues.  McCoy and Sproles combined for a total of 21 yards on 11 carries (and we thought Foster was bad!) this past week.  Things have got to start getting better for the guy you spent your first over all pick in your fantasy drafts this season, right?  I really believe things will turn around for these two guys.  You’re obviously going to still keep McCoy in your line up because you know what will happen if you don’t. He’ll go ba-zerk!  Actually, feel free to take him out of your line-up please.  I could use a ba-zerk right about now.

RB- Donald Brown, San Diego Chargers – Another running back who made last weeks list.

Hang on a second: -Copy/Paste-

Unlike what Antonio, who’s mentioned above, could do for you, Donald, who was signed in the off season by the Chargers, took on the bulk of the running back duties on Sunday afternoon. His services were needed when fellow teammate, Danny Woodhead went down with a leg injury early in the game.  However, Brown didn’t do much with the opportunity given to him as he rushed for only 62 yards on 31 carries and couldn’t find the end zone. 

Sorry, you can call me lazy on this one. Let’s just say he did even worse this game. 10 carries for 19 yards and no score on the day.

WR- Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions – Calvin exploded onto the 2014 NFL scene in week one.  Having caught 7-passes for 167 yards and 2-touchdowns, Calvin was giving what every fantasy owner who spent an early pick on him had expected. Since that week one game, Megatron has been a Megaflop.  He has only posted 14 receptions for 177 yards and zero touchdowns.  He ended up on the injury report toward the beginning of last week which I’m sure is the reason for his lackluster performances recently. As a matter of fact, it was revealed to the media after this past Sundays game against the Jets that Calvin was used as a decoy going into the game.  That would explain Johnson’s 2-receptions for 12 yards performance.  His counter part, Golden Tate benefited from the Detroit decoy ploy as he reeled in 8 receptions for 116 yards.

WR- Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers – I would have expected better numbers from Crabtree heading into week 4 against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL.  His numbers weren’t exactly great as he was only able to pull in 5 receptions for 43 yards against the Philadelphia defense.  What was suppose to be a high flying, shootout turned into a bit of a bust on both sides of the ball.  Other than Frank Gore, (who is mentioned in my outstanding performers article) there wasn’t anyone who really stood out in this game.  I’m anticipating a better outcome when Kansas City heads west to take on the 49ers this coming weekend.

WR- Julian Edelman, New England Patriots – Blame it on whatever you want to blame it on, this was the worst outing by a Patriots team in probably 10 years.  They couldn’t get anything right on Monday night when New England traveled to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. Edelman, who’s been Brady’s go-to-guy for the first three games of the season couldn’t seem to connect with the All-Pro quarterback.  Julian only managed to catch 4 of Tom’s passes for 23 yards. If the Patriots can’t pull it together this week and try and resolve whatever issues they’re having, they’re in for another long Sunday when they host the Cincinnati Bengals.



TE- Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers – Olsen, who has been one of the most consistent players on the Panther’s offense this season, just didn’t have it this week when he took on the Ravens in Baltimore. 2 receptions for 30 yards was all the 8th year tight end out of the University of Miami could come up with. The Panthers definitely have problems on offense this season.  Their running game has been lacking and riddled with injuries. Cam Newton has been underperforming to say the least (see above).  Despite this weeks performance, Olsen is a safe start in the majority of fantasy leagues going forward.

TE- Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers – I definitely didn’t see this coming.  Gates going up against one of the worst defenses in the NFL and all he could produce is 3 receptions for 30 yards? Oh! I just noticed, Olsen and Gates must have talked before the game this weekend and made a deal with each other. ” Thirty yards then shut it down.” One would have thought going into this game, Gates should have had a field day. It just goes to show you how unpredictable the NFL really is.


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