Brady spreading the love as Pats win 43-17

Credit: Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Credit: Jim Rogash – Getty Images

Week five in the NFL and the struggling Patriots made sure there was no more undefeated in the ranks. Perhaps the Patriots aren’t as bad as many were saying. Brady came out on fire and spread the love to all of his eligible receivers in the 43-17 win at home.

The game started with an aggressive and emotional Tom Brady led offense driving 80 yards in 4:57 and resulted in a touchdown. The Patriots scored on their next drive to go up 14-0. At that point, the game was one of catch-up for Cincinnati and it is one that they weren’t accustomed to being down just a handful of seconds in their first three games.

The biggest story-lines coming out of this game was the passion of Tom Brady in the first two drives. He ran the ball twice in the opening drive and the negativity surrounding the team resulted in the offensive line playing the best game I’ve seen yet. Josh McDaniels gets a lot of heat from me, but tonight his play-calling was great.

Tom Brady spread the ball to 8 different receivers really showcasing new-comer Tim Wright and old faithful Rob Gronkowski as those two combined for 11 receptions for 185 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The defense stepped up and Jamie Collins stood out to me with four tackles and a forced fumble. Revis was finally able to man up on a receiver and it worked out well.

Though it was a good game, there re still some concerns as always that the Patriots can focus on this week in practice. The connection from Brady to LaFell still isn’t exactly where you want it. Amendola caught one pass in this game, but was still mostly ineffective. Brady also missed some throws later in the game.

The team was penalized 12 times for 112 yards and that’s too much. The last deficiency I saw was the lack of a pass rush for the Patriots. The defense had a bend-don’t-break philosophy like in past seasons, but it’s going to get more difficult to play like that with no pass rush to help out the secondary that got a little banged up in this one with Revis and McCourty going down with injuries.

The Patriots needed this win and will undoubtedly turn their attention to the Buffalo Bills, which they play next week for first place in the AFC East. And for God sakes, I told you all to relax.


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