Pats start half’s strong for first time in 2014

Logo Property of New England Patriots

Logo Property of New England Patriots

In most cases, they say it’s how you finish that matters, but in the Patriots case so far in 2014, it was their starts that needed the boost. Coming out flat, not executing early and starting out sloppy on offense were all consistent problems for the Pats four games into the season, but week five brought hope.

The Patriots came out in the first quarter and after halftime in the third quarter and have only scored three touchdowns in the previous four games. The tone-setting quarters of a football game are how you start the game and how you adjust to the opposing team’s game plan coming out of halftime.

The Patriots did just that, putting up a total of four touchdowns in quarters one and three against Cincinnati. 

“It feels so good,” Gronkowski said of Tom Brady. “He’s such a leader. He went over 50,000 yards today. He’s an unbelievable player, and I’m so glad to play with him.”


Screen shot of TB12 Facebook

Meanwhile, Tom Brady posted on his Facebook thanking the fans for the loudest chants I’ve personally ever heard through the TV at Gillette. Usually the fans in New England lack that trait:

As for the rumblings about Brady leaving town ‘sooner than later’ or Brady and the coaching staff not getting along, Brady addressed those on his weekly interview on WEEI Monday morning:

“I’ve always had input on what we do,” Brady said. “I think that’s what has been so great for me being here is I’ve always had the opportunity to say how I feel and what I think. Those are very personal discussions that I have with my coaches and they have so much respect for me and I have so much respect for them. I certainly don’t feel that way. I would never say that.”

How you finish a football game is very important and that’s something Brady was known for more so in his earlier years, but starting the game on the right foot was probably more crucial for this particular offense that lacked confidence in their abilities.

The offense ended up with 505 yards of total offense and a possession time of 38:56 as Brady surpassed the 50,000 career yards mark. The offense is by no means out of the water yet because they are still looking for consistent production from Danny Amendola and Brandon LaFell, but with a run game that rushes for 220 yards, a lot of deficiencies on both sides of the ball will be covered up.

Brady has had what most would call a successful career. In fact, everyone would call it a successful career and yet he still shows he wants to win. He’ll practice hard, improve and take criticism to heart even when he’s proven every year he is great. Perhaps the faithful and media in Boston should remember that.

It’s that attitude that sets Brady apart and makes him still an elite quarterback in the NFL. 

Brady missed some throws to Gronkowski and Edelman on Sunday night that resonate with me and he knows that. The fact he knows that gives me confidence that he’ll correct those issues because ‘practicing hard to improve’ isn’t a new motto for Brady.

This team will now set it sights to Buffalo in a showdown that will lead to the division leader a third of that way through this season.

We’re on to Buffalo.


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